The Onion Rings were a quartet of zoo keepers that were turned into onion rings by a K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander. They only appeared in The Onion Ring.


Onion rings
Biographical information

they were all eaten by pitbull.

Physical description

three are males and one is a female.


0'04" (after turned into onion rings)


Each other, Opticon, Pitbull (males)


Zoo Bomb Salamander, Orange, Pitbull (female)

Chronological and political information
Voiced By

Kevin Brueck, Joe Bereta, Jenya Lano, Den Lenian

A zoo keeper, in a parody of The Ring, puts in a cursed VHS. After watching it, the zoo keepers recieved a phone call with a K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander on the other end, asking that if the zoo keepers watched the cursed tape, and they said yes so K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander said "October 22." The K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander asked for the career, and the zoo keeper said his career was a zoo keeper, so K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander announced that the zoo keepers had until October 22 until they become onion rings. On October 22, they were doing the exact same things as before, when the TV turned itself on. K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander emerges from the well, penetrates the screen, and casts a crazy spell to turn them into onion rings. On the first day, he called the onion rings' mothers vegetables and and the end of the day, he replied "Yeah, and elephants are microwaves." On the second day, he asked for the ringleader, he called one of the onion rings' family king and onion, and one of the onion rings' 12th great grandfather an apple. At the end of the day, he replied with whatever, you were born a-round and no action. On day 3, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander talked about eating a calculator with a fork, doing 240 total push-ups in one minute, and how long he would shut up, he did his tongue noise after 1.3 seconds. On day 4, He met Orange, Opticon, and he was blowing air horns with Orange. On day 5, the onion rings felt like the days feel like such a Thursday, K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander asked for the ringleader the second time. The Onion Rings pleaded to be changed back, but never got a chance to, as K-C Zoo Bomb Salamander refused to, and instead called his pet dog, Pitbull. The onion rings took delight in eaten by Pitbull pleading to hear no more stupid puns.

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