The Oracles are a race of squid-like organisms originating from the constellation Pisces.

History Edit

The Oracles joined the Zodiac more out of asking than being offered like the other races like the Drones and Banshees. The Oracles are the most intelligent when it comes to brains out of The Zodiac. They were left to deal with parliament whilst the Purists were left to deal with rule over the military.

During the war with humanity, The Oracles mainly stayed out during the first encounters, and made themselves known during The Battle of Earth, when The Oracle of Malice lead the human fleet mistakingly to Haven II. Malice was then killed by Davian.

The Oracles were also the ones who followed the beacon to the Fiend Outpost, thus inserting them into The Zodiac, which began The Great Divide.

A rogue Oracle, Dark Energy, then went ballistic, and assassinated all Oracles by The Oracle of The North, who was then replaced due to such a large number of losses. After the war, Dark Energy was exiled and banished, forced to walk the streets as a low-life bum.

Physical Characteristics Edit

The most average height for an Oracle is between 5'7 and 5'11, and between 130 - 150 lbs. They are generally frail but able to manipulate objects around them, like most older Purists. They have large fin-like heads and 12 tentacular limbs, including the 2 longer ones with finger-like appendages. They also have 2 massive black eyes and crab-like mandibles. They generally wear crimson robes that cover their torsoes, but only higher ranking ones.

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