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  • A FPS RPG game by Bethesda Studios and universe created by Beatmaster!
  • Takes place in the year 24530 AD.
  • Takes place inside a giant orb where planets rotate around an artificial sun. The planet the game occurs on is called Posterity.
  • The playable world is place where people of all different kinds have left the supposed comforts of a greedy socialist government and a new destructive war that is escalating to build new lives for themselves. It is part of a small continent that was once considered unlivable because of the harsh desert climate. Yet the people who have moved from the main continent, named Argea, discovered the lush forest area and a more suitable desert climate on the other side of the mountains deep inside the continent.
  • The war is beginning between the Progressors (Communists) and the Equalizers (Socialists) as the Progressors are trying to overthrow the new socialist-like government on Argea.
  • Religion of the people of Posterity is based on their creators- the Precursors- most advanced in the universe
  • The Precursers experimented with evolution because they wanted to see how life began. They constructed a giant orb and filled it with empty but life-sustaining planets. They created a small artificial sun and the experimental planets rotated around the sun. The orb is extremely time-dilated where one day outside the orb equals about a million years inside the orb.
  • The first part is takes place in a battle-like school. Your familt is highly-military oriented so they put you in a special program that trains soldiers to become suitable for a next gen armor. This is where you align your initial primary attributes.
  • Second part hours are linear-style FPS gameplay as you battle it out in the Precursor relic and get used to the game's controls and abilities.
  • The third part is where you escape the dropship that crashed on Posterity and thus begins the main open world aspect.


  • Humans have technologically advanced enough so that they can explore the stars. After discovering subspace, the humans explored the galaxy and became part of an intergalactic force called the United Species Space Core which includes a variety of intelligent species in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • After discovering stage V of subspace, the United Species Space Core (USSC) sets out to explore other galaxies. This game in the beginning follows a large task force traveling to a galaxy where very powerful radiation and other energy is being given off and is being detected billions of light years away. They travel there and discover other races and cultures such as the Kinerets and the URC. The Kinerets have also felt the energy coming from the galaxy and have also traveled there before the USSC has arrived. They, being very advanced and revolutionized, have enslaved the races of this galaxy, including the Yitegar. The Yitegar are fighting back the with the URC which stands for United Rebels Cause. When the USSC force arrives, they witness a massive battle occuring over some strange relic. The USSC is attacked by the Kinerets and thus the USSC find allies with the URC. The relic is some kind of portal created by some unknown race and the Kinerets are trying to prevent the URC from taking control and maybe gaining power. The URC accidently activates the relic, and everything is transported into the ORB. The starships are disabled in a great subspace movement and crashland on a planet called Posterity. The player was being transported out of the relic in a dropship when the incident happens which crashelands on Posterity. He is one of the few remaining humans who survived the transportation but many Kinerets survived. The Kineret’s robotic nature makes them want to conquer or take advantage of the peoples of Posterity. The open-style gameplay similar to Fallout 3 begins here. The main quest of the game is escaping the ORB and learning more about the Precursors. The side quests have to do with helping different peoples and tribes and governments of Posterity. The location of the main world is a place where people have tried to separate from the main government of the state and make a new life out in the new frontier. The technology in Posterity is similar to what we have in 2008 so the issues are the same such as the environment, ground war, etc. The technology has not evolved enough to the point where they can travel to other planets in the orb. The player can choose to help the governments in their new struggles with the Kinerets and other factions of people in Posterity or decide to be evil and support underground stuff for rewards.
  • USSC human weapons have the ability to be upgraded automatically since you are playing as a human. For example if you get 10 kills with the base AR it automatically upgrades to laser ammo instead of solid. The physical appearance morphes with every rank up either with the color or shape. Then if you get 25 you upgrade to explosive then if you get 60 you get another barrel but go back to solid ammo. USSC human weapons degrade like all other weapons but degrade much slower because they can be maintained by the suit’s intelligence. The suit can process other weapons and use them to repair the USSC human weapons. Also, you can upgrade your skills and perks similar to Fallout 3. Exact ammo is very scarce for USSC weapons, but your suit can convert some Posterity ammo into ammo for the stronger and resilient USSC weapons.
  • The land is 2.2 times as big as Fallout 3’s. The game is to be released in 2013 to the Xbox 720, the PS3/PS4, and the PC.
  • The land is divided into three main parts. The first part is the rich and colorful forest. The second part is the desert. The third part is the mountain range which separates the two climates. On the desert side there is a huge lake. Wind blows over the lake and the moist air is forced up by the mountains. The air condenses and it rains on the other side which is why it has so much more life.
  • The Kinerets used a massive mind-controlling device that they fired upon a USSC cruiser that made all the living inhabitants on the cruiser believe the Kinerets were their ally and the rest of the USSC ships and people enemies. After that occurred the transportation took place.
  • Not many USSC survived the mind-control device. The land is littered with brainwashed USSCs. It is hard to find USSC allies on the part of Posterity where your character lands. The land includes a crashed USSC human destroyer and a crashed Kineret light-carrier. Unexplorable, the brainwashed USSC cruiser landed near the playing area.
  • Your player has a special experimental armor that can easily convert matter and place it wherever. That makes it possible to quickly upgrade your weapon on the battlefield using a point experience system.
  • You can combine two posterity weapons into one to make a unique weapon. Your repair skill must be high enough though to do this. You can only do this with posterity weapons. The damage level of other USSC species weapons is higher than USSC human basic weapons but can’t be combined together.
  • When using Posterity or other non-USSC weapons, you can gain XP. For example, with the Conflict Primary for every 15 kills you get bonus XP for your leveling and every 30 kills you get a XP in the Posterity Light Weapon category. This encourages people to use other non-USSC weapons.
  • Precursors tried to replicate the human soul in the orb but failed because they cannot play god- this enlightenment occurs near the end of the main quest. They injected the humanoids of Argea with their own life energy when they noticed that the humanodis were not evolving the way they had hoped for. Posterity is the only planet where they were successful in creating humanoids.
  • When you have completed about 55-65% of the main quest (which is humongous and much longer than fallout 3’s) you see Kineret starships explode out of subspace near Posterity and one hovers above the playable land. A side quest involves you blowing it up. You learn that they are invading Posterity because they are looking for a Precursor something rather. It is really a study cubicle in a time-dilated sphere located within Posterity.
  • You can duel wield weapons. The better the weapon the higher skill you must have in order to duel wield it. You can only duel yield wepaons of the same class and culture. For example, you can duel wield two human weapons but you can't duel wield a Maren weapon and a USSC weapon. Another exampel is that you can't duel wield a light human USSC weapon and a heavy USSC weapon.
  • In the beginning you can customize everything about the appearance of your armor and your face.
  • ENEMIES-All the inhabitants of Posterity are initially allies except the Raiders. The Kinerets and the brainwashed USSCs are always your enemy. The Yitegar are always your allies unless you betray them in some way or another. The Raiders were sub-par humanoids who evolved differently than the people of Argea. The Precursors only gave their life energy to the people of the main continent so they could compare the differences in evolution. The Raiders have been shoved out by the incoming pilgrims. They still dwell across the land trying to take back what was once theirs.

Time Dilating Emergency Combat System (TDECS)

  • One of the main new traits of the new armor is a special combat system that is great for emergency scenarios. When activated, time comes to a near standstill for the user except the user still has the same time field as he had before. Yet this system is only temporary and time becomes normal for the user after a brief few seconds. Yet those seconds can be crucial during a bad situation.
  • When used, enemies seem to freeze right in their tracks while you can still move around freely as you did before. You can either choose to shoot your frozen enemies or use the time for a hasty retreat. Yet remember the time is limited so be prepared to enter the normal time field after a few seconds.


Primary Attributes-MAX SKILL=15

  • AI
  • Subspace Pack
  • Radar
  • Athleticism
  • Luck
  • Health

Secondary Attributes-MAX SKILL=150

  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Jetpack
  • Communication
  • Light Weapons (USSC)
  • Light (Posterity)
  • Light (Kineret/URC/other)
  • Heavy (USSC)
  • Heavy (Posterity)
  • Heavy (Kineret/URC/other)
  • Melee
  • Lockpick
  • Vehicle
  • Barter

Controls (Xbox 360)

  • RT-Shoot
  • LT-Aim
  • RB-Melee
  • LB-Grenade
  • B-Crouch
  • Y-Jump
  • A-Action
  • X-Reload
  • RTS-Look
  • RTS(click)-Jetpack
  • LTS-Move
  • LTS(click)-Combat System
  • D-Pad(Up)-Emergency shield
  • D-Pad(Down)-Temporary invisibility
  • Left Start-Open Database
  • Right Start-Pause

USSC species as seen in the game

  • Jex
  • Nideq
  • Maren
  • Human




  • Jexan Blaster Rifle-Pulses out energy bursts in a medium rate of fire.
  • Jexan Gravity Displacement Rifle-Can put objects in a gravitational field. A quite inhuman weapon, the user can launch bodies or violently throw them around.
  • Jexan Scatter Grenade-A grenade that when detonated throws out a banquent of smaller explosives that detonate soon after.


  • Nideq Repeater-A single shot bolt-action rifle. With such great technology this weapon is good at even long ranges.
  • Nideq Lead Sniper-An incredibly powerful solid state sniper that uses railgun technologies to launch a round at incredible speeds. It can hit targets miles away. Longest range second to the Particle Beam.
  • Nideq Flamesword-A melee weapon that uses sharp edges and heat to annihilate its opponents.


  • Maren Energizer-A uniuqe weapons that can be charged up as you hold the trigger. If you hold it for the necessary 45 seconds for a 100% charge, the energy burst is massive and can implode any target less than the size of a building. If you fire it like a pistol or rifle, you will only get small energy bursts that don't do much damage. It uses the main energy cell in your armor to charge it.
  • Maren Shockwave Cannon-Shoots out a monstrous burst of air that is so condensed and energized that the burst looks like a small artificial sun as it travels through the air. When impacted with a solid target the super-condensed air explodes sending out a massive shockwave.
  • Maren Graviton Grenade-When detonated this grenade creates a strong anti-gravity field that acts like a shockwave that uses pure force to annihilate targets.

Kinerets vs United Rebels Cause (URC)

Kineret Weapons

  • Particle Orb Launcher-Acts like a rifle. It shoots out a yellow plasma ball with perfect accuracy and higih speed that creates a small explosion. The plasma burst loses its energy after a short time so it is not suited for longer ranged attacks.
  • Polaron Rifle-Acts like a machine gun in the fact that it shoots out blaster-like energy bursts at a high rate of fire but with poor accuracy.
  • String-Plasma Tracker Launcher-Similar to a Rocket Launcher. It shoots out a strange fuel rod/plasma based missile that tracks a target. The explosion looks like a plasma grenade explosion but with a bunch of string-like energy.
  • Tularon Beam-Shoots out a high energy beam of laser-based energy
  • String-Plasma Grenade-The same technology as seen in the String-Plasma Tracker Launcher except in grenade form
  • Mind Controller (starships)-Uses neuron-depletive ultra-radioactive neutrinos to literally melt the brain of the target.

United Rebels Cause

  • Yitegar-Bear-like creatures that stand on two legs


  • White Matter Laser Rifle-Shoots out a stream of extremely hot matter. It can use any material to make the matter.
  • Matter Disruptor-Uses resonating techniques in a narrow invisible stream to tear the innards of flesh apart. Is useless against armored opponents.
  • Beam of Destruction-An accurate laser-like rifle. Acts like a sniper.
  • O Launcher-A very strange weapon that shoots out halos of plasma in three round bursts.
  • O Pistol-The same thing as the O Launcher except smaller and the weapon only shoots out 2 round bursts.
  • Slug Pistol-A small sidearm that shoots out a bullet using explosive techniques.

Vehicles of Orb


  • Leopard-An adaptable light assault hovering vehicle that can both hover over the ground and fly in the air. It is armored with a light shield and its main offense usually consists of a gatling laser-type weapon. It is quick and agile but is vulnerable to medium and heavy arms fire. It hovers using anti-gravity pads. When it transitions to flight, the pads strengthen and the vehicle slighty morphs into a more aerodynamic shape that includes wing-like contraptions.
  • Tarantula-A heavy assault tank. Although bulky and rather slow, the armament is quite impressive. The main cannon shoots out a massive shell that when it impacts a target, the internal antimatter-bassed charge is activated and a second after the impact it explodes with devestating force. It can hover and fly. In the air it is very vulnerable to faster and more agile craft.


  • Harpy-A common light recon vehicle. Weak singularly but when in a task force the harpies can be quite the foe. It can only fight on land. The main armament is usually two Particle Orb Launchers.
  • Pugilist-The choice atmospheric assault craft. Fast and maneuverable in the air, it is also deadly with its two heavy tularon beams and a string-plasma tracker launcher.
  • Behemoth-A large troop carrier. It is heavy shielded and moderately armed. It takes a lot of firepower to take these enemies down.


  • Basher- A strange half "U" shaped assault vehicle that has two large blades on either side of the U shape and a automatic O launcher near the middle.
  • Speeder- A small yet very fast craft that is mostly used to get from point A to point B. There is no weapon emplacement.
  • Annihilator-The Yitegar's version of the tank, it is large and bulky but resilient and powerful. A very large Beam of Destruction and two mortars are the main armaments.


  • Planet in the orb that the factions of the battle around the relic crashland on

People of Posterity: Sapiens

Weapons of Posterity

  • Hunter-A repeating rifle. Similar to the Hunting Rifle in Fallout 3
  • Incinerator-A flamethrower. Similar to the Flamer in Fallout 3
  • Firestorm-A unique flamethrower. The weapon is stronger and the flames go farther.
  • Reaper-A unique chemical sniper.
  • Chemical Sniper-Uses chemical reactions to power a beam of light
  • Terran Secondary-A sidearm that acts like a small shotgun.
  • Magnetic Grenade Cannon-Uses magnets to propel a large explosive projectile
  • Rotary Gun-Similar to the Minigun in Fallout 3
  • Thunder and Lightning-Unique weapon that has two different ranges of fire-one is a flashbang type grenade and the second is an explosive fragmentation grenade.
  • Conflict Primary-SMG-like weapon. Weak and innaccurate but fires very quickly.
  • Offensive Primary-An assault rifle-like weapon.
  • Defensive Primary-Another assault-like weapon but it fires slower but the rounds are heavier and more powerful.
  • Conflict Secondary-A quick firing sidearm
  • Offensive Secondary-A sidearm with a nice balance between speed and strength
  • Defensive Secondary-A slower firing yet powerful magnum.
  • Cutter-A blade-like melee weapon
  • Bludgeon-A sledgehammer-like melee weapon
  • Battle Shaft-A large and intricate melee weapon.

Human USSC weapon ranking

  • Left column is points required and right is reward.
  • When you rank up, you can choose to use any of the effects that you have previously unlocked. For example, if get 250 points with the Assault Weapon you have the choice of using the Explosive effect which you had just unlocked, or laser energy bursts.
  • When you rank up the weapon automatically changes where the new effect takes place. You must open up your database in order to change the effect back.

A65 Assault Weapon System

  • AR can increase its range of accuracies as your skill improve.
  • 50 Ability to change accuracy-15-35 rounds/sec
  • 150 Laser energy bursts
  • 250 Explosive
  • 500 two barrels
  • 800 laser
  • 1200 explosive
  • 1600 three barrels
  • 2100 laser
  • 3000 explosive
  • 4000 four barrels
  • 5200 laser
  • 6500 explosive
  • 8000 antimatter-tipped 1 barrel 5 rounds/sec
  • 12000 antimatter-tipped 2 barrel
  • 20000 antimatter-tipped 3 barrel with incinerator beam
  • 35000 antimatter-tipped 4 barrel with larger incinerator beam

M107 Gauss Missile Launcher

  • 0 Normal Missile Launcher
  • 100 Gauss capabilities
  • 250 Faster Firing Rate
  • 500 Higher missile speed
  • 900 2 barrels
  • 1800 Octogen explosive
  • 2800 Tracking capability
  • 5000 Antimatter-tipped 1 barrel slower rate
  • 10000 Antimatter-tipped 2 barrel

C42 Combat Weapon System

  • 0 single barrel 5 round burst within .4 seconds
  • 100 ion- tipped ammo
  • 250 explosive ammo
  • 450 2 barrels
  • 850 ion- tipped ammo
  • 1100 explosive ammo
  • 1500 3 barrels
  • 2000 ion- tipped ammo
  • 2700 explosive ammo
  • 4000 4 barrels
  • 6000 ion-tipped ammo
  • 8000 explosive ammo
  • 12000 faster firing rate
  • 16500 8 round burst for each barrel
  • 25000 single shot antimatter-tipped single barrel
  • 35000 2 barrel

Particle Beam Energy Sniper System

  • 0 pink particles
  • 50 red particles
  • 100 bigger barrel
  • 250 two barrels
  • 450 bigger barrels
  • 700 rainbow particles
  • 1000 EMP electrical effect
  • 1400 3 barrels
  • 2500 bigger barrels
  • 5000 Ultra-particles
  • 11000 Antimatter-based mega particle beam barrel

S82 Combat System

  • 0 1 barrel
  • 50 Gain the ability to change accuracy
  • 150 Incinerating ammo
  • 250 diamond explosive
  • 500 2 barrels
  • 900 Incinerating ammo
  • 1500 diamond explosive
  • 2000 3 barrels
  • 3000 Incinerating ammo
  • 4000 diamond explosive
  • 5500 4 barrels
  • 7000 Incinerating ammo
  • 8500 diamond explosive
  • 11000 antimatter-tipped I barrel
  • 20000 antimatter-tipped 2 barrel
  • 35000 8 barrels diamond explosive

M7E Energy Pistol

  • 0 Lead shot
  • 100 Energy-based ammo
  • 1000 faster firing rate

B12 Mortar Launcher

  • 150 Shoots farther
  • 300 faster firing rate
  • 600 volcano effect
  • 1200 Shoots farther
  • 2500 EMP effect
  • 4000 Octogen explosive
  • 8000 faster firing rate
  • 16000 Anti-matter tipped Starbursts
  • You can choose stick or bouncy mortar shells

Type IA Incinerator Sniper System

  • 0 Red Beam
  • 50 Orange Beam
  • 100 Yellow Beam
  • 250 Bigger Barrel
  • 500 Green Beam
  • 1500 Two Barrels
  • 2250 Indigo Beam
  • 5000 Bigger Barrels
  • 10000 Ultra Particles
  • 17000 Antimatter supercharged
  • 25000 1 mega barrel

Points for human USSC rank up

  • 7 points for a kill on easy. Add one point for every increase in difficulty
  • 14 points for a headshot on easy. Add two points for every increase in difficulty.
  • 20+3 points for small vehicle, 25+5 points for leopard-size vehicle, 45+7 points for tarantula sized, and 100+10 for behemoth sized
  • Variable points for finding materials necessary for upgrading

Important Technologies

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