The Original Slasher's Guild is a cinema theater located in Long Island, New York.

It was constructed in 2009 and finished in 2015.

It is a theater like Grindhouse and Reinhart only playing movies of a certain allegory and plays the same allegory as Reinhart.

The Theater was created by Award Winning Hollywood Filmaker Steven Spielberg who rallied a group of acquintance directors to create Original High Budget Ensemble Cast Slasher Films that would gain appraise.

It is inspired by the original Slasher Films of the 1970's to 1980's such classics as Friday the 13th, The Dorm That Dripped Blood, The Burning and Halloween.

It is also inspired by the 1990's Meta Horror Film Scream written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven.


  • Steve Miner
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Steven Soderberg
  • Tim Burton
  • Lasse Hallstrom
  • Wes Craven
  • Sam Raimi
  • Jennifer Lynch
  • Steve Beck
  • William Brent Bell


The following is not release date order but a chronological order based on the film's intiat creation and concept

  1. Cave: Steve Miner's entry in which a group of teenagers attend a large beach party and are dispatched by a gruesome looking Beach Cave Mutant who is really a man in a costume
  2. Heart: Steven Spielberg's entry in which a pretty red-headed eighteen year old girl and her youthful friends are picked off by a sociopathic maniac with a burning hatred towards love, romantic films and romantic intimacy
  3. Mahjong: Steven Soderberg's entry in which a group of teenagers inhabiting an abandoned hotel across the street from a filled up hotel with a party, play mahjong and are prayed upon a maniacal murderer with a penchant for following some certain rules
  4. Color: Tim Burton's entry in which a killer with love for life and colors goes ballistic and dispatches a certain group of art student teens and two teachers
  5. Farm: Lasse Hallstrom's entry in which a mental patient who likes to dress up and garner new obsessions takes aim at a farm inhabiting teen girl and her farm owning teen friends after holding up in her barn.
  6. Fear: Wes Craven's entry in which a group of childhood friends reuniting at their high school reunion but things fall apart as a child possessed by a supernatural entity picks them off one by one with their worst fears.
  7. Hate: Jennifer Lynch's entry and a partial remake of Slaughter High where an unpopular nerd comes back from the dead for revenge on his tormentors who reunite in their adulthood.
  8. Shriek: Sam Raimi's entry where a bunch of teenagers spend the night in an abandoned hotel where a fire broke out but the one who started the fire begins to stalk them with a thirst of sadism.
  9. Torture: Steve Beck's entry involes a group of thieves who are brought together for a break in to a house of a billionaire who has plans for them with bizarre and gruesome surprises.
  10. Evil: William Brent Bell's entry is about a group of college students having their vacation in Alaska until they find the book of the dead from Egypt with deadly consequences.


The films presented at the Original Slasher's Guild Cinema was met with appraise by most critics and audiences especially the teen market.

Steven Spielberg's entry gained the most appraise and was well liked by all critics, Steve Miner's entry was also well liked and received.

Tim Burton's was harshely received as being a film that does not live up the wacky usual colorful films he has to offer and would utterly fail would it not back to back with all the other Original Slasher Film entries.

Steven Soderberg's entry was also panned as stated by many critics it would have done well as a stand alone slasher horror film but fails against the other vastly more intelligent films the Original Slasher's Guild has to offer.

Lasse Hallstrom's entry was met with mixed reviews: some stating it does not appear to be his work but rather the work of some Rob Zombie wannabe and the good applaise it was neat suspensful fun.

Future Projects

The Original Slasher's guild is rumoured to have more newcoming people wishing to start their filmaking career directing more slasher horror films for the cinema. Stephen Spielberg has recently merged with Reinhart, and promises that more films will be coming soon, possibly with new directors like Wes Craven, Jennifer Lynch, Sam Raimi, Steve Beck and William Brent Bell.

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