Orpheus is a 2000 American Revenge Action Drama film written and directed by Larry Bishop.

It stars Connie Nielsen, Susan Sarandon, Timothy Dalton, Julianne Moore, William Mapother, Juliette Lewis, Juliette Binoche, William Peterson, Samuel L. Jackson, Gabriel Macht, Joe Pantaliano, Charlize Theoren, Carly Schroeder and Maria Bello.


Monica Donelly (Connie Nielsen) loses her older sister Maria (Charlize Theoren) to a group of criminals known as the Red Thorn who attempt a botched kidnapping of the Donnelly girls in return for payment from their extremely rich buisnessman parents.

Maria however ends up being killed mysteriously an unseen assailant and the Red Thorn Members who attempted to apprehend her flee the scene.

Now Monica at the age 22 and her youngest sister Amanda (Julianne Moore) at the age 20 are abducted those same Red Thorn Members in return for a ransom from their parents.

However this no mere-kidnapping this time round as it is revealed that Monica had planned for her and sister Amanda to be kidnapped by the exact same members who attempted to kidnap Maria.

Monica then cleverley escapes her bindings and one by one battle out finishes those members who attempted to kidnap her sister.

The movie also begins with another of the members of who was involved in the botched kidnapping of her sister who was a watchout who fell out of that buisness.

She is shown at the start entering an empty court engages in battle with Monica who ends up snapping her neck and dropping a red rose with thorns at her body.

When it comes down to the leader Monica reveals to Amanda that she knows she was the one who killed Maria that day.

Monica then engages in battle with Amanda and emerges triumphant her vengeance completed.

The police then come to the large abandoned Mansion estate where they were held and escort Monica and little girl Cassidy out.

The movie ends with Monica being taken out in an ambulance.


  • Connie Nielsen as Monica Donnelly
  • Julianne Moore as Amanda Donelly
  • William Mapother as Clark Crescent/ Maniac boyfriend of Lena Keppleman
  • Juliette Lewis as Lena Keppleman
  • Juliette Binoche as Judith Cavier
  • William Peterson as Anderson Clamboya
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Collia Gordon
  • Gabriel Macht as Julio Hernandez
  • Charlize Theoren as Maria Donelly
  • Joe Pantoliano as Bolton Eve
  • Carly Schroeder as Cassidy Clamboya
  • Maria Bello as Amy Heckerlin
  • Timothy Dalton as Peter Donelly
  • Susan Sarandon as Eve-Maria Donelly

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