Otherside is a 1981 Operatic Science Fiction Action Drama Thriller film which features elements of a Lovecraftian Punk Violence film much like Stanlye Kubricks' A Clockwort Orange.

The film was written and directed by famous director/screenwriter Aussie Pair Joel and Ethan Cohen.

It is hailed by Tim Burton as his favourite motion picture and by Stanley Kubrick as an amazing tantalizing motion picture experience which is the mirror of the films which inspired him into film.

The film was included in the 2010 film line-up at Comic-Con for the Hats Quadron's favourite Cohen films.

Otherside was presented by famous writer/director Quentin Tarantino as out of Ethan and Joel's motion pictures it is favourite.

The band the Red Hot Chilli Peppers made a song for the film consisting of the same title which serves as like a theme song in the film.

The film starred David Arquette, Sandra Bullock, Danny Glover, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Cameron Diaz, Adrienne King, Michael Clarke Duncan, Singer Franz Ferdinard (in an Emmy Award winning performance as a sadistic mentally disabled character), Dennis Hopper and Sir Ian McKellan.

The play also created in the book Hating Alison Ashley and it's Australian film adaption is taken off the film.

The Cohen Classic Tagline

"A Film like a Clockwork Orange, a film mixing love in the stirring pot of violence, evolution served in a hypened reality, a film like no-other.


A man dies in a bizarre ambulance car accident.

The Same night a young girl dies from a car accident at the very same moment.

The two indivivuals awaken in a Eutopia like dimension ruled by a group of nasty toe-tapping overlords known as simply as the Overlords.

The man and women are fitted into this strange dusk society which features some upside down enviroments and the only exit out being a thing called the Shade of Grey: A Large Silver line which heads off to an infinite distance.

The man and woman fall into a condemned purgatory and sentenced to death out of misunderstanding to the Overlords Central Gang.

The man and woman in fall in love along the way but a doomed romance at best considering they are in an otherwordly dimension which is much like a Alice in Wonderland.

Salvation lies on the Shades of Grey and hope for love in everything in between.


  • David Arquette as Mr. Larks/ The Man
  • Sandra Bullock as Miss Starks/ The Woman
  • Danny Glover as the Ambulance Driver
  • Julia Roberts as Falcon
  • Julianne Moore as Queen Burnette
  • Cameron Diaz as The Eyes/ Former Victim
  • Adrienne King as Patricia/ The Beginning Victim
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Corbin/ King Overlord
  • Franz Ferdinard as Melvin/ Second In Charge/ Mental Case

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