Harry Potter. Rose Weasley is starting her first year at Hogwarts, along with her cousin Albus.

Prolouge, TrainEdit

Albus and Rose found an compartment to their selfs. "Finaly", Rose muttered. They put their luggage away and sat across from each other.

"Albus", Albus looked up. "What house do you think you would be put in", she asked. "I don't know", he muttered. "What", Rose asked. "I don't know", he said clearly.

It was well knowing that, from the Potter-Weasley family, you were either sorted into Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. It was very rare that you were sorted into Hufflepuff.

"Anyway, i was kinda surprised about Teddy and Victorie snogging", she changed the subject. "What if i am sorted into Syltheren", Albus ignored her.

"Well, we will still love you, just ignore what that prat James says", Rose convinced Albus.

James was Albus's elder brother. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, which surprised his parents. Although they should have suspected, as Teddy was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Victorie was sorted into Gryffindor, although she said the sorting hat wanted her to be in Hufflepuff. Her sister, Dominique, was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Their younger brother, Louis, was sorted into Gryffindor. He was the top notch seeker of the Quittich team. All these children were their legendary uncle Bill's children.

Molly, their uncle Percy's eldest, was sorted into Ravenclaw. She however said that the hat considered her to be in Gryffindor.

Lucy, Molly's sister, was sorted into Gryffindor. She was disapointed, because she was quite smart for her age. However, Molly showed her Ravenclaw ain't what it was cracked up to be.

Fred, their uncle George's son, was sorted into Gryffindore. His younger sister, Roxanne, is sorted into Hufflepuff.

Rose was thinking about her cousins she never knew someone entered the compartment. It was an brown haired boy, who looked shy.

"Can i sit with you", he asked. "Sure", Albus said. The boy sat next to him. "I'm Ryan Wilson", soon, the three became fast friends.

It was revealed that Ryan was an muggleborn, and he expressed his thirst for knowledge, causing Rose to laugh. "I'm sorry, you remind me of me and my mother", she explained.

This was one of the reasons Rose liked Ryan. Just then, they relised the train would be stopping in half an hour, so Ryan and Albus changed while Rose was outside.

Rose got changed when the other two walked outside. The train came to an stop.

Chapter 1, Sorting Is DifficultEdit

"First Years, over here", yelled an woman. Hagrid had retired and so Vera Bleson had took the job. "All fours on an boat. Don't be scared", she told them.

Rose, Albus, Ryan and an brown haired girl sat with them. Her name was Sarah Brown. Suddenly, all the first years gaped in amazement when they saw the castle.

"Wow", Ryan muttered. "I know". Their boats stopped and all the first years were led to the castle by Miss Bleson. She knocked on the large door.

An man opened the door. Rose and Albus noticed immdeitaly it was Nevile Longbottom. "First years, get over there", he pointed at the cornor.

He told them about the sorting hat and the four houses. "I am head of Gryffindor. Miss Bleson here is the head of Hufflepuff. Mr. Frankson is head of Syltheren. Mrs. Stevenson is head of Ravenclaw", he explained.

They waited in line and there names were getting yelled out by the hat. Sarah was sorted into Hufflepuff, much to Rose's disapointment.

Albus was up and the whole hall, apart from James and the Weasley Clan, were dagging whispers. Albus put the hat on his head. It took about two minutes for the hat to yell "RAVENCLAW".

After an dozen of people until her and Ryan were sorted. Rose's name was yelled. Rose quickly ran to the hat and put it on. "I wonder where i shall put you".

"Is there something wrong", Rose asked in thought. "It seems like you have got all the four houses traits". "Is that an good thing or bad", she asked.

Bad for me. Why. Because i can't sort you right. Anyway, you are as loyal as Helga. You are as smart as Rowena. You are ambitious as Salazar and you are brave as Godric.

Can i be put in Ravenclaw. The hat yelled Ravenclaw and Rose ran and sat next to Albus. Tom was the last one and he was picked Hufflepuff.

After the feast, they were sent to the Ravenclaw common room. It was explained they had to solve an riddle to get in, and Rose saw Albus pale.

"Don't worry, i'm smart. I will get you in", she whispered. They went to their bed and Rose saw her owl, Apple, sitting in the cage. She was snowy white.

She remembered when Uncle Hary said the owl was related to his old and first owl Hedwig. Rose wrote in the letter she was going to send to her parents.

To, Mum and Dad.

Hey. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, along with Albus. Our other two friends were sorted into Hufflepuff (unlucky for them being stuck with James. Anyway, the hat said that i had all the traits for all the houses, and i was allowed to pick. I want to ask you something.

Where is the Room of Requirement. I wonder if me and my friends go there, and set up an entertainment thearter. you know, for the weekend.


Give Hugo and Lily my love.

Rose gave the letter to Apple, who flew out the window. Rose changed and went to bed. She was excited.

Chapter 2, The Princess and The MalfoyEdit

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