Outbreak is an friends fanfiction.During an visit to an hotel,Rachel,Ross,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey find out that the owner of the hotel has an disturbing secret.When one of the residents,Sally,Disapears,Strange things start to happen.Can the gang escape,Alive.

One Hotel

"Come on",Ross shouted."Okay",Rachel shouted back."I can't believe we were offered to stay in this hotel for an week",Smiled Phoebe as she packed."I know",Monica used her catchphrase as she finished her packing."Come on,You",She jokeingly pushed Chandler to the side."Oh,Mom's here",Rachel explained as she heard someone knocking the door."Hey Mom,Here is Emma",Rachel gave Emma to Sandra."Thanks dear",She smiled at her middle child.

"Bye",Rachel said her goodbyes to her mother and closed the door."We deserve this",Rachel hugged Ross."I know",He kissed her on top of the head.They then heard Joey shout outside."Come on",He was shouting.He was more excited about this than anyone else.

"We need to go,Hon",Ross carried their and Phoebe's suitcase to Monica's porche.They all got in when they relised Phoebe was not in the car."Where is she",Asked an confused Monica.They then saw Phoebe coming out of the apartment,Looking as if she saw an ghost."What's wrong",Joey asked her."I have a bad feeling about this hotel",Phoebe explained."Why,Is something going to happen",Monica asked."I have a stong feeling,So i'm only going to the stay for the night",Phoebe didn't liked what the gypsy told her.It was true.

"Okay",Monica rolled her eyes and they drived off.The hotel was in the highway,So it would be a long trip.Hours later,Ross woke up and saw that Phoebe was driveing."Pheebs,Where is Monica",Ross asked her.She turned around and she had no eyes."AHHHH",Ross screamed and then he turned around.He saw an dead Rachel and Joey,With blood all over them."OH MY GOD",Ross shouted.He then saw Monica's head fall off,Which caused him to pannic.Just then.Phoebe crashed the car into an truck,Blowing up to the Porche in an second.

Phoebe woke up in an startle.She saw all her friends sleaping except Monica,Who was drivieng."Nightmare",Monica asked."Yeah",Phoebe knew something was going to happen in the hotel.But she was still going.As it meant a lot for her friends.

After hours of drivieng,They managed to get there."Thank god",Rachel sighed as she opened the door.More to be continued.

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