The Over Spawn is the Mature stage of a Seed Spawn.


Over Spawn can mutate into several other forms listed below:

Rage Spawn

The Rage Spawn is the second weakest form. It is fast and attacks with crushing headbutt-like blows. It also carries 3 to 5 Seed Spawn on its back.

Stealth Spawn

The Stealth Spawn is the fastest and weakest Over Spawn. It crawls around like an insect and will often spray an acid-like substanct onto its foes. It can also jump very high and even go invisbile!

Carrier Spawn

The Carrier Spawn is the most powerful type of Over Spawn yet it is the slowest. It can carry anywhere between 15 to 30 Seed Spawn in its package at a time. Often-times The Carrier does not attack and will simply disperse its parasitic payload and trot off, only to trot back with a fresh shipment. If you want to avoid endless waves of Seed Spawn, be sure to kill these on sight and use ballistic weapons like Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers.

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