A Oversector, also known as a Priority Sector, is a area of space in the Galactic Empire that embraces a large amount of dimensions; in theory it covers those with great amounts of dissent or civil unrest. Oversectors are ruled by Grand Moffs.


The creation of Oversectors was recommended by the Tarkin Doctrine, which was eventually adopted by Emperor Palpatine. The average Oversector consists of most of certain theme-related dimensions (for example, the Historical Oversector consists of most of the historical and historical fiction dimensions). The Emperor appoints a Grand Moff to each Oversector. Grand Moffs use greatly increased military, paramilitary, and judicial resources as befitting their enhanced position.

List of Oversectors (and their Grand Moffs)

  • Scientific Oversector (Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin)
  • Comedy Oversector (Grand Moff Ardus Kaine)
  • Animated Oversector (Grand Moff Moorlish Veed)
  • Drama Oversector (Grand Moff Anderius)
  • Criminal Oversector (Grand Moff 4-8C)
  • Game Oversector (Grand Moff Kintaro)
  • Historical Oversector (Grand Moff Willhuff Tarkin)
  • Romance Oversector (Grand Moff Zingji)
  • Numerous others

Galactic Empire (Dimensional Universe)

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