Real Name The Owlman
Height 8'0"
Weight 300 lbs.
Resides Hell
Origin Underworld
First Appearance Ultimo X
Species Demon

Lucifer (Satan)



Ultimo X





Fighting Styles Unkown
Alignment Evil

Owlman is an demonic creature that was sent to kill Ultimo X and will be playable in Ultimo X Fighter.


One night, when Ultimo X and Christina were having sex, the Owlman had broke in and attacked Ultimo. Ultimo put his clothes back on and then grew his dragon wings and faced the Owlman in a air fight. Owlma was no match in normal form, but when he goes berserk, he's a hard opponent.

Owlman still got defeated in the end, but he would still come after Ultimo X multiple times before ever giving up.


  • Owlman can shine his bright eyes in peoples faces to blind them for a while.
  • Owlman is very strong and hard to defeat.
  • When berserk, he can unleash the best combos.
  • Is able to fly with his wings.
  • Has a screaching yell which could be heard over 100 miles away.
  • Can produce an owl pellet as big as basketball.

In Ultimo X Fighter

Battle Quotes

  • Screachs*
  • "I've finally defeated Ultimo X!"
  • "I defeated the timekeeper!"
  • Screeches then flaps his wings*
  • "Do I have to send demons after you?"
  • "Hell will rise, Earth will fall."
  • "Raiden, you're on the list."


Ultimo X (Universe)

Ultimo X Fighter

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