Debut Ultimo X (???)
Availability nlockable
Speed C


Owlman is a demon owl humanoid that was sent up to Earth to kill Ultimo X, but has also came for another reason unkown.



Owlman kicks Ultimo X and sends him down to the ground. Owlman then lets out a loud screech and demons come and drag Ultimo to hell.

Owlman is later seen flying through New York and sees that everything is taken over by the demons.


A demon that was sent to kill Ultimo X. He is one of only demons that could actually match up to Ultimo and his team. He has been seen throughout Manwa and other places to kill people and animals.

Battle Quotes

  • Does a loud screech.
  • Flies down and scratches the air.
When facing certain characters
  • None


  • Three neutral slashes.
  • Does a downward uppercut then normal uppercut.
  • Double axe handle.
  • Does a boot kick.
  • Does two scratches and then the second combo above.
  • Does a backhand.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Blind: Owlman blasts the opponent with his eyes blinding the opponent.
  • Super Screech: Owlman lets out a screech that hurts the opponents ears.
  • Ground Tremor: Owlman slams his fist into the ground, sending out shockwaves.
  • Soaring Knockout: He throws his opponent into the air, jumps up and spikes them.
  • Shoulder Charged: He charges at his opponent with his shoulder.
  • Owl Soar: Owlman hovers in the air. Any button pressed causes a different attack.
    • Soar Blind Close: Owlman blasts the opponent while in the air from close range.
    • Soar Blind Far: Owlman blasts the opponent while in the air from long range.
    • Soar Ground Tremor: Owlman drops to the ground and slams his fist into the ground creating a shockwave.
    • Soar Cancel: Owlman drops back down to the ground.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Owl At Midnight: Owlman furiously scratches the opponent 10 times then does an 11th scratch from the sides making his opponent split apart.
  • ???: Coming soon

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