P.S or The Lettering Teens is a 2001 American Slasher Horror Film written by Scott Derrickson and Julie Hesmondhalgh and directed by Robert Luketic. It stars Amy Poehler, Ali Landry, Cory Allen, Daniel Ainsleigh, Charisma Carpenter, Geena Davis, Ben Foster, John Krasinski, Aaron Stanford and Danielle Fishel.


Five Girls Amy Heckerlin (Amy Poehler) Julia Fennott (Ali Landry) Caitlin Nacey (Charisma Carpenter) Judith Favreau (Geena Davis) and Claire Marquette (Danielle Fishel) all receive letters from a secret admirer on the same date urging them to meet at the Waverley Gazette Building for the Annual Lover's Dance.

However all girls neglected to show and have wreaked the wrath of an enraged suitor.

The anonymous suitor (later revealed to be the same admirer for all girls) messages them again telling them on the next year during the week of the next Waverley Gazette Building Lover's Dance they will all be executed.

The girl's then head to the police and due to their being no fingerprints or left DNA evidence on any of their letters all they can do is try and pull up the Post Office Mailing System in hope of catching their anonymous threatener.

As predicted the following year the girl's are murdered one by one along with their boyfriends.

First Claire and her boyfriend Justin Eden-Green on are killed on the stroke of midnight.

Claire is killed via multiple stabbings with scissors following Justin being beheaded with a battle-axe.

The other girl's mourn their friend's death and become increasingly frightened that they may be next.

Sure enough Judith's ex-boyfriend Kemperman is killed whilest taking a taxi overtaken by the killer.

Then Judith's current boyfriend Walt is murdered four days later and made to look an apparent suicide.

Judith following Kemperman and Walt's deaths decides not to be alone as the Police have now refused them help believing after planted evidence of Judith's fingerprints that she may be the killer of Kemperman and Walt.

Judith enlists the other girl's in accompanying her until they get some real help.

The other's agree and decide of instead staying with Judith in her dingy apartment to take her to nasty Beckett Town Female Teenager Gillian Routh's Party.

Judith feels uneasy at the party as if someone is watching her and departs secretly; heading back to her apartment.

Whilest the other girls fail to notice her slip-out Gillian does.

Back at the apartment Judith is killed and her body is taken somewhere.

The killer then heads back to the party and run's into Gillian's boyfriend whom is then killed.

Gillian is then killed following as the other main girls Amy, Julia and Caitlin dance.

The police then come and stop the party asking form Amy, Julia and Caitlin to come with them.

The girls then notice Judith is not with them for which the police then answer that there has been a break-in as her apartment and there is large quantities of her blood all over the apartment.

The girl's are then taken back to the Police Station for seperate questioning where they all reveal that they all know who the threatening admirer from the previous year is.

They reveal his name to be Gavin Henderson-Markfield a trailer trash boy was friends with all the girls.

They tell at their school he was constantly bullied for oly hanging around girls and as a result had a therapist assigned by the school.

They reveal on the day of the first Waverley Gazette Lover's Dance he had been bullied quite nastily from one particular group of boy's leaving him severley estranged.

He then that day asked all the girl's to be his date for the dance.

The girl's reveal to the cop's that he had said no and as a result he brutally stabbed his mother to death that night in his mobile home.

He had picked up at the Waverley dance with blood stained scissors used in his mother's killing.

He was then sent to a Mental Institution.

A Large explosion then sounds at the finish of the girl's stories and many officer's are killed.

The two interrogating officers head out to investigate and are killed themselves.

The girls then escape together and take Caitlin's car in fleeing.

They are however soon pursued by the killer in his car who ramms them into the creek they all used to swim in and where Gavin asked Caitlin out as a child.

Amy and Julia escape the car but Caitlin remains stuck in the car by her jammed seatbelt.

Caitlin's boyfriend then appears from across the creek and dives in after her.

He attempts to break the door off and get her out but whilest in the process of doing just that he is killed by the killer who has just dived in too.

Caitlin as she is now more fastly drowning is killed as the killer swipes his weapon through the car window.

Amy and Julia escape and run their way to the Waverley Gazette Building where the dance has just finished at the stroke of midnight.

Amy and Julia enter and find the bodies of one of the two interrogating officers, Amy's boyfriend Clark, Judith, Claire, Justin and Walter inside.

They are then sealed in the building and chased by the killer.

Amy and Julia get seperated and Amy is then killed following a long chase as she reached the third floor exit door with a glass window overseeing the outside street.

The killer then reveals himself to Julia to be the younger interrogating officer who then reveals himself to be Gavin's brother who committed suicide whilest in the Mental Insitution he was put in.

The officer attempts to kill Julia but is held off as Julia's boyfriend Marvin enters.

Julia then kills the officer with his own scissors driving them deep into his heart.

The Movie ends as Julia a year later with her now chief editor of Waverley Gazette Boyfriend Marvin own a large house next to Amy Heckerling's old residence which has been rented out to a young couple.

Julia receives a letter similiar to the one from Gavin's brother the year before his attack on her and murder of friends.

The Letter reads I'm Not Dead But You Are.

Julia is then killed via scissors to the heart from an unknown assailant.

The Assailant then faxes a message to Marvin saying Hard Work Determines Who You Are and The Place You Deserve.

The Assailant then faces another message saying Your Girlfriend's Got What She Deserves and You're Next.

The Assailant then appears and pins Marvin down after winning a fight with him.

He unmasks himself revealing to be Amy Heckerling's thought dead boyfriend who he reveals him to actually be Gavin Henderson.


  • Amy Poehler as Amy Heckerling
  • Ali Landry as Julia Fennott
  • Cory Allen as Gavin Henderson/ Amy's Thought Dead Boyfriend Adam Crossfield
  • Daniel Ainsleigh as Officer Peter Gabore/ Peter Henderson Gavin's younger brother
  • Charisma Carpenter as Caitlin Nacey
  • Geena Davis as Judith Favreau
  • Aaron Stanford as Justin-Eden Green
  • Ben Foster as Walter "Walt" Lehorney
  • Michael Bailey Smith as Kempermen Fenton
  • John Krasinski as Clayton/ Gillian's Boyfriend
  • Amelia Heinle as Gillian Routh
  • Mark Harmon as Officer Reece Nevon/ Officer Peter's Gabore's Older Partner
  • George Eads as Finnlay Evans/ Caitlin's Boyfriend
  • Rhys Darby as Marvin Muldonwey

Death Sequences

  1. Justin Eden-Green: Killed outside parked car via Glass Slipper to eye socket. (Head is then removed following death)
  2. Claire Marquette: Killed outside parked car following Justin's death via multiple stabbings to back and chest with scissors
  3. Kempermen Fenton: Killed in Taxi via scissors to head
  4. Walt Lehorney: Killed on Meerview Peak overlooking the Creek from when Judith was a child, killed via achilles cut by scissors and kicked over edge
  5. Judith Favreau: Killed following apartment chase via various slashes across face and hands from Scissors and then spiralled through balcony's glass doors
  6. Clayton: Killed via chest stab with Scissors
  7. Gillian Routh: Killed following chase via stab with scissors whilest in furnace and then incineration as furnace is turned on
  8. Officer Reece Nevon: Killed via throat slit from scissors
  9. Finnlay Evan: Killed via gutting with scissors underwater in front of Caitlin's car door
  10. Caitlin Nacey: Killed via Scissor insertion through temples
  11. Amy Heckerling: Killed via back of throat slit with Scissors which then spirals the scissor's through exit door window smashing the glass and then reverting
  12. Officer Peter Gabore/Henderson: Killed via impalement through chest and heart with scissors directed back by Julia
  13. Julia Fennott: Killed via instant stab to heart with scissors
  14. Marvin Muldonwey: Killed via Scissors to head

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