Everest Moves Away

So this is basically about Everest who can't take it anymore for not being treated fair by Ryder and the other pups(except for Marshall & Tracker)and for always being held back and not doing the things the others do. This is also how a lot of PAW Patrol Everest fans feel for how poor Spin-Master treats her. This story is based on two GoAnimate from YouTube: Dora Moves Out and Caillou Moves Out I hope you enjoy this.

Characters Edit

  • Me (Troy)
  • Everest
  • Marshall
  • Jake
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Rubble
  • Tracker(mentioned)
  • Ryder

Summary Edit

When Everest feels unappreciated by the others and being held back, she decides it's time for her to leave Adventure Bay for good.

Story Edit

"GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Everest growled extremely angry. "That's it, I'm done. I had enough of the PAW Patrol not treating me with respect and holding me back. They always take credit for themselves, take group photos without me and Tracker, never invite me to any their trips outside of Adventure Bay besides the stinking Arctic or to any parties and events they be having. And let me not forget Skye lying about teaching me to play Pup Pup Boogie when she didn't really do so. They know I've been alone for a long time in the Arctic, longer than Rubble's been by himself and they don't care!!! That's so frickin it!! I'm moving away and leaving Adventure Bay forever!!!!!!

At The Lookout.......

The pups and Ryder were playing either disc gold or racing on the training course, when all of a sudden they saw Everest coming over. And she did not look happy at all.

"Hey Everest," said Ryder. "What's up?"

"Can it, Johnny Test!!" she yelled getting the others attention. "I am sick and damn tired of not being treated with any love & respect by you has-beens and always being held back like I can't do what you guys do!! SICK OF IT!!!"

"What did you say to me?" He said abit cross. "That's it, I'm calling Jake about you talking back."

"Don't bother!! You won't have to worry about seeing me no more after I'm gone from this dump FOREVER!" The pups just gasped.

"W-why" asked Chase puzzled.

"You heard me," She answered. "Going to places outside of Adventure Bay and not invited but invite Deathtrap Danny with you. Taking all the credit for yourselves like saving that sissy looking throne from Sweetie, leaving me and Tracker out of group photos whenever you have them, never saying anything about missing me when I'm not around and getting all of the good stuff while I get diddly squat!!!!

The pups were speechless. They have never seen her like this before.

"You think it's funny to leave me out of the fun you always have!!" She said furiously. "As for Skye, you never thanked me for saving you on my sled nor gave me a hug. Ryder had me outside of my cabin while I looked through the window seeing you jump in Ace's arms like she did something!! And worse you lied about teaching me how to play Pup Pup Boogie, and why are there times where you always be smiling and giggling for nothing???? I don't see nothing for you to be smiling about or what's so funny!!!

Skye was completely shocked. Everything she was hearing from the Husky was true.

"I never get respected, and hardly loved & recognized for sticking my butt out for all the hard work I do. And it's all your faults!!! YOU ALL OWE ME!!!!!!!"

"W-we're sorry if you feel that way," claimed Skye.

"Yeah dudette," added Zuma. "Honest and poor twuly."

"SORRY!?!?" Snapped the Husky. "HA, your apologies are not accepted. You had your chances to actually act like my friends and you blew it. Jake has always been there for me, but I guess now he'll be living alone in the cabin again once I'm gone." Then she walked closer to Marshall.

"Marshall, for a long time I've always had a crush on you. You're the only one that actually cares about me ever since we met. But I guess it's over, sigh I wish we could've had a future together," then she licked his face. "I'll miss you, and I'll always love you."

At that moment, Marshall began tearing up and ran to his doghouse and shut the door. Everest felt sorry for the Dalmatian who helped her alot, but she had to do what she felt she had to do.

"Well, this is it," she proclaimed. "It looks like life here in Adventure Bay will be alot happier for the PAW Patrol while I'm out of the picture. I already know you won't miss me."

With that said, Everest set off to the train station with her luggage as Ryder phoned Jake. And when she got there she took one last look of the town and the mountains that she used to call home for a long time since 2014.

"So long, Adventure Bay," she said with sad eyes and a few teard. "I'll miss you, I think. Then she hopped on one of the coaches. After Jake got Ryder's call, he quickly drove to the station to stop Everest from getting on the train. But he was too late.

"EVEREST NO!! !!" He shouted as she looked out the window waving to him sadly. "DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!! Then she was suddenly gone, he saw that Everest left her hat and collar on the ground. All Jake did was fall to his knees and start sobbing while covering his face. The Husky who he treated like a daughter has disappear from his life. Forever.

6 Months Later.....

After hearing about her departure, everyone in Adventure Bay turned on the PAW Patrol and Ryder. There has not been any emergencies that needed to be handled at all and if there was, the citizens learned how to handled them by themselves including Mayor Goodway.

At the Lookout, all was not well for Ryder and his pups. Especially not for Marshall, who grew out his fur and his spots turn gray. He was very sad because he felt he would never see Everest's beautiful Husky face or hear her fun-loving voice ever again.

Ryder on the other hand, went back home to live with his father.

Mayor Goodway while walking her chicken walked past the tower only to say "such disgraceful pups" at the once loved and now hated K9 rescue team.

And Jake who became a nervous wreck hitting rock bottom also walk by the Lookout saying to them "serves you right!!"

Chase, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Rubble who all looked sick with their fur turning lighter as if they bleached it realize that the Husky's absence clearly was their faults, as they all laid in their doghouses feeling cold and miserable. They wonder if they will ever see Everest again and if she will ever forgive them for the way they mistreated her. But I think they deserve this type of punishment, don't you?