Painted In Tears is the third album from Swedish metal band Shadow Voyage, released on June 8th 1995 via Brutal Theatre. It sees a continuation in the melodic death metal sound established on 1993's The Creator and the Seer, and is the first album to feature Gregor Morken on drums, and the last to feature Johannes Idvesten, as well as being the last album on Brutal Theatre records. It is followed by 1997's A Shadow In Your Mind.

After recording with Brutal Theatre for 1991's A Night of Daggers, 1993's The Creator and the Seer and Painted In Tears, Brutal Theatre Records went bankrupt and became Nostalgica Ltd., choosing to discontinue their contract with Shadow Voyage. In 1997, when Erik Sturgen's brother Niklas joined as bassist, the two brothers formed their own studio, Graceless Records, with longtime friend and producer Waldemar Vyzcekzi.

Track listing

  1. "The Artist's Requiem" - 4:30
  2. "Encompassing the Beauty" - 6:03
  3. "Broken Ways" - 3:00
  4. "Painted In Tears" - 7:03
  5. "A Reservoir of Sorrow" - 5:04
  6. "Reaper of Truths" - 7:30


  • Erik Sturgens - Vocals
  • Martin Vargeld - Guitar
  • Johannes Idvesten - Bass
  • Gregor Morken - Drums

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