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Paper Mario: The Star Shards of Time is a fanon story based on the popular video game series Paper Mario. This one takes place after the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I know I did the of name this fanon kinda on the fly, but I'll possibly change it to something better.


Party MembersEdit

There is a very special Party Member available! Wait to see who it is!

Minor HeroesEdit


Minor VillainsEdit

New ItemsEdit

New BadgesEdit


Mario OnlyEdit

PM OnlyEdit

PM SpecialEdit

Very special badges that only a certain Party member can equip. There are 2 for each Party Member in the whole game.

Badge NameDescriptionBP UsedWho can equip?
Jump plus

This badge boost Mario's

Jump attack by 4. || 3BP || Mario ||

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