Paranoia is an upcoming arcade game for XBOX 360, XBOX 360 Elite and XBOX 360 Slim. It is to be released sometime during the Spring of 2013 and is being developed by Valve Corporation.


Paranoia is set somewhere in the near future, in a Power Station. A recent discovery of coal in Eastern Europe has run Nuclear Power Stations out of business and new coal powered stations are being built over them around the world. The Power Station featured in the game has been built over the now decomissioned Drax Power Station in the UK, which is also visited in a ruined state later on in the game. There are six chapters in Paranoia. In the first chapter, Prologue, the player is introduced to the gameplay mechanisms and the setting of the game. They find themselves inside the coal cart of a train approaching the New Drax Power Station, and after getting inside, must evade the workers of the facility.

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