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Paranormal Activity 5 is a 2013 American supernatural horror film directed by Tod Williams and written by Michael R. Perry.


In October 2012, A young couple, David and Felicity find themself when they was terrorized by a demon and find the truth about their neighbours and find out they are possessed.



  • Natalie Portman as Felicia Hanson
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David Hanson
  • Katie Featherston as Katie
  • Aiden Lovekamp as Toby Hanson/Hunter Rey
  • Samuel Joslin as Joshua Hanson/David and Felicia's 5 years old son


David and Felicia find a young boy who is spying at themEdit

  • (Friday 26th October 2012, 12.03am)
  • (Felicia moan and David and Felicia kiss)
  • Felicia: This is bit wired.
  • David: What.
  • Felicia: We are fucking at night, I think is bit wired.
  • Bruce: Can,t find me.
  • Felicia: Wait, do you find this.
  • David: What.
  • Bruce: Wired, you two are wired but you can,t find me.
  • David: That is Bruce.
  • Felicia: Hold on.
  • Toby: Can,t find me.
  • Felicia: That is Toby.
  • Hunter: Mummy.
  • Felicia: That sound like Toby's sound.
  • Hunter: Anut Katie.
  • David: Who the fuck is aunt Katie.
  • Felicia: Something is not right, turn the light on.
  • (Light on turn off)
  • David: What the fuck happening to the light.
  • (David and Felicia scream and saw Katie)
  • Katie: Can,t find me.
  • Felicia: That is Katie.
  • Felicia: Hunter Rey.
  • Felicia: That was two people was missing at 2006.
  • (Toby and Bruce run)
  • (Felicia put her clothers on)
  • David: Can I stay here.
  • Felicia: Come on.
  • David: Felicia, please, I am bit scared of ghost when I was 7.
  • Felicia: David.
  • David: Fine, I going, you go, I meet you later.
  • (Felicia hold the camera)
  • Felicia: I am worried about Joshua.
  • (Felicia open the door)
  • (Joshua gone)
  • Felicia: Joshua.
  • (Felicia and David scream)
  • Felicia: David.
  • David: Sorry.


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