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Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening is a 2012 Supernatural Horror film distributed by The Asylum and fourth movie in the Paranormal Entity series. The film stars, Adam Brody, Erik Knudsen, Harrison Ford, Kyle Gallner, Willa Ford, Stephanie Maheu, Savannah Lathem and Stephanie Rhodes.
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Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening


A group of paranormal investigators enter the abandoned Ballyvolane Home of infamous mass murderer Witch, Joan Condon, hoping to find paranormal activity on Witchcraft and find the treasure chest of valuables she left behind during the crime scene. Upon entering the house, they set up cameras from room to room, while documenting with hand-held cameras and asking Joan Condon to come forward. As the days progress, they discover no valuables, but realize that Joan Condon's rage and fury are still lurking within the house.


Adam Brody as Luke Davis - He is the leader of the gang who explores the Ballyvolane House to find the evil witch, Joan Condon and won't leave until his work is done.

Erik Knudsen as Max Stevens - He's the cameraman and Luke's assistant.

Harrison Ford as Professor Robert Morgan - He's the professor who assists Luke and the others to find anything they can to document.

Kyle Gallner as Jeff Good - He's the voice coordinator who picks up everything he hears that's supernatural.

Willa Ford as Abigail Warnock - She's a psychic who is ordered by Luke to make contact with Joan Condon.

Stephanie Maheu as Cassidy Prescott - She helps out with everything but gets very squeemish around supernatural events.

Savannah Lathem as Joan Condon - She is a prehistoric mass murderer Witch who was executed in the 18th century for the assistant murder of a rich couple in the Ballyvolane House and her spirit still haunts around the house.

Stephanie Rhodes as Amanda Nelson - She's Max's girlfriend and a camera lady who does her best to get a job done. She gets much more squeemish than the others and tends to feel like something is watching her.


Amanda Nelson - While Amanda is recovering from a seizure in bed, the Witch, Joan Condon attacks her. She then levitates Amanda above her bed and snaps her wrists, legs and back, before dropping her on the bed.

Luke Davis - While Luke is fixing his camera, Amanda, who's possessed by Joan Condon snaps Luke's neck and drags him into a fireplace.

Cassidy Prescott - Amanda hits Cassidy over the head with a camera and Joan Condon levitates her above the ground and snaps her back in half and drops her on the floor.

Abigail Warnock - Amanda hits Abigail over the head with a camera and Joan Condon levitates her above the ground, strangling her and drops her onto the floor.

Professor Robert Morgan - Amanda telepathically breaks all the windows and the broken shards decapitate Robert.

Jeff Good - Joan Condon levitates Jeff above the ground and strangles him, before dropping him on a chair

Max Stevens - Max spots Amanda standing in a corner and sees Joan Condon in the camera. Amanda then slowly walks up to Max and his screams are heard off-screen.


Luke: Well, he we are. Man this place gives me chills.

Professor Morgan: Everyone gather round the circle.

Cassidy: Tonight, we are exploring the deserted home of one of America's most notorious witches of all time, Joan Condon.

Abigail: Joan Condon, we speak to you in hopes that you can hear us.

(A rustling sound is heard)

Amanda: You guys, what the hell was that?

(A door slams shut)

Professor Morgan: Shh, you guys hear that?

(Whispers on a radio)

Luke: No way.

Abigail: You guys, I don't think we should tamper with this stuff. I feel that there's something negative in the room with us.

Amanda: I feel something on my back.

(Amanda shows a burn mark on her back)

Max: Jesus Christ, Luke, we need help.

Luke: If anything's gonna go down, it's gonna go down tonight.

(An alarm is set off)

(Amanda has a seizure)

Professor Morgan: Grab the cameras.

Amanda (Screaming and crying): Please, can we just want to leave right now?!

(Amanda is levitated over her bed)

(Windows open and close)


Jeff: I felt it dig into my side.

Cassidy: Someone help me.

(Cassidy and Abigail are levitated above the ground)


(Luke is dragged away)

Abigail (Whispering to her camera): Please, someone help.

(Abigail is dragged away)

Amanda locked in a closet by the witchEdit

(Amanda enters a closet and gets locked in)


Max: Guys, where's Amanda?

Luke: Wasn't she with you?


Max: I heard her. I'M COMING AMANDA!

(Max grabs his camera)

Amanda: HELP.

Max: Guys, help me break the lock.

(Luke and Max break the lock with a hammer)

Amanda: MAX HURRY.

(Max breaks Amanda free)

Amanda: Okay what the fuck locked me in here?

Max: Amanda are you okay?

Luke: Are you hurt?

Amanda: No. I'm okay

(Amanda cries in Max's arms)

Max: Shh. It's okay. Luke what the fuck was that? Tell me it wasn't a joke.

Luke: No I was with you guys.

Amanda: Okay then how did I get locked in a closet?

Luke: I don't know but I'm sorry. Lets just take a breath okay.

Amanda: I just want to leave here. Can we please leave.

Luke: Amanda, I promise you'll be safe.

Max: Just stay with me.

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