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Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening is a 2012 Supernatural Horror film distributed by The Asylum and the fourth installment in the Paranormal Entity series. The film stars Adam Brody, Erik Knudsen, Clancy Brown, Kyle Gallner, Willa Ford, Stephanie Maheu, Nathan Kress, Arlen Escarpeta, Jeremy Sumpter and Stephanie Rhodes.
Paranormal Entity 4 poster

Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening


A group of Criminal Psychology students explore the former childhood home of infamous mass murderer cult leader, Charlie Manson, hoping to find biographical information on his life from his childhood up until his life of crime. Upon entering the house, they set up cameras from room to room, while documenting with technical equipment and trying to find all they can on Manson's career. As the days progress, they discover more answers, but realize that Charlie Manson's rage and fury are still lurking within the home.


Adam Brody as Luke Davis - He is the leader of the serial killer psychology team who is determined to find out everything he can about Charlie Manson's life after becoming fascinated with him ever since he was a child. Luke has always felt a connection with Manson due to sharing some of his personal interests such as being a musician, having an interest in scientology and knowing the value of family. He has a raunchy sense of humor and is a bit of a goof, but always gets a job done, especially when it comes to his personal passions.

Erik Knudsen as Max Stevens - He is the cameraman and Amanda's boyfriend. Max is a scholar in line to go to Princeton and decides to become apart of the serial killer psychology team to earn his degree in Criminal Psychology. He develops an interest in serial killers and enjoys reading about their biographies to understand how they go from normal, innocent children into violent mutants of society. Max always gives his full effort into finishing a task, but is skeptical at times as to whether supernaturality exists. He is madly in love with Amanda and continually thinks of ways to ask her to marry him.

Clancy Brown as Professor Robert Morgan - He is a Criminal Psychologist who takes his team of students to Charlie Manson's home in order to find out everything about him and what made him a monster. Robert was once a police chief in his local town, but decided to become a psychologist in the criminal department after his wife was murdered and wanted to understand more about what makes a person turn evil and resort to such heinous measures. He has a dry sense of humor and is always making sure his students are safe and comfortable with their assignments.

Kyle Gallner as Jeff Good - He is the voice coordinator of his serial killer psychology team. Jeff is very skilled in the math and physics industry, but takes an interest in Criminal Psychology because he grew up on horror films and thinks of Charlie Manson as the real-life Boogeyman. He is somewhat nerdy and always thinks before doing something dangerous, but often succumbs to peer pressure if it helps him fit in with the crowd. Jeff always embraces the challenges that come his way, though he tends to get very squeamish and uncomfortable around tasks that he's unsure of. Jeff spends his free time playing video games and getting high off of psychedelic drugs.

Willa Ford as Abigail Warnock - She is a childhood friend of Charlie Manson's and becomes apart of the psychology team in order to find out more about the criminal she was once close with. Abigail is a skilled painter who works at an art shop painting self portraits and canvases for local buyers. She is very smart and intellectual, but feels a certain hole in her life due to not understanding who Manson really was. Abigail spends her free time researching Manson to fully explore his life and find out what made him turn away from the sweet, friendly child she grew up with. 

Stephanie Maheu as Cassidy Morgan - She is Professor Morgan's daughter who, like her father, develops an interest in Criminal Psychology after her mother gets murdered. Cassidy is trying to earn a degree at Harvard Law School in order to become a lawyer and help put away serial killers to prevent anyone from going through what she did. She takes classes on Litigation to inhance her career as a law student and spends her full time studying, reading law books and gives it her all. Despite her serious demeanor and ambitions, Cassidy is still equipped with a funny, nuanced sense of humor and is always in a mood to light up someone's day due to understanding the value of family. 

Nathan Kress as Ryan Montgomery - He is a lower student who is brought into the upper class of psychology due to being equipped with an extraordinary talent of technology and is a self-described autodidact. Ryan loves playing video games and is also trying to master a career in game developing, but chooses psychology as his main focus because he is very well-read and is able to empathize for misfit pupils of society. He always carries around a hand-held camera used to videotape his encounters of the every day world and uses it as a way to express himself and his passion of life. Ryan is equipped with a charming sense of charisma and it attracts the attention of many girls at his school, though he chooses to spend his time reading biographies in order to understand how people communicate and live life because he is determined to find his own story.

Arlen Escarpeta as Trey Edwards - He is Ryan's best friend and a senior striving to get a job in the music industry in order to become a rapper. Trey has listened to every Rap song imaginable since he was a child and has taken an interest in rapping as a way of expressing himself. He carries out his ambition by going to local rap clubs and showing off his talent, hoping to get scouted. Trey's all time idol is Kid Cudi because he can relate to how he always had a passion for music and put himself through the wringer to get where he is now. Despite schoolwork and responsibilities, Trey still finds the time to practice his rapping by entering talent shows and getting into contact with agents who specialize in the music department. He is very suave with the ladies and comes off as a superficial womanizer, but Trey is truly a warm-hearted soul who treats others with respect, is a loyal brother figure to Ryan and is always there for him when needed.

Jeremy Sumpter as Robbie Walker - He is a film student who recently received acceptance into New York Film Academy. Robbie has always had a nact for film ever since he first watched The Wizard of Oz and spends his free time making short films, documentaries or anything that involves using his camera. He is an extreme health nut who watches carefully about everything he eats to make sure it's safe and carb-free in order to build more muscle and maintain in shape. Robbie has dated here and there, but decides to pay more attention to technology and understand how it fits into everyday life. As a youth, his interest in technology and electronics got him into trouble with the law, but thanks to his wealthy family, Robbie has been bailed out and allowed to continue his somewhat juvenile antics. Despite his harsh records, Robbie is still equipped with a sense of romance and comic relief that captivates people into loving him.

Stephanie Rhodes as Amanda Nelson - She is Max's girlfriend and an aspiring film student with intentions of going to NYU to truly discover her major. Amanda has a flair for fashion and has been offered a few jobs in California as a fashion stylist, but decides to stay in her hometown to remain close with Max and pursue her dream of working in the film industry. She developed an interest in Criminal Psychology during her Junior year of high school after she was forced to read biographies for many assignments. Amanda is mostly fascinated by Charlie Manson because she wants to understand more about mind control and manipulation, and how this psychotic individual managed to use it on a group of people in order to get them to murder. Amanda also feels that she can strongly relate to the followers of Manson because her mother died of cancer when she was in her teens and continually got into fights with her father, which left her feeling abandoned and deprived of love. Though loving, Amanda has an air of maturity about her and is much more serious and squeamish than her boyfriend.


Luke Davis - While Luke is fixing his broken equipment in Manson's home lobby, he begins to feel tired and drinks a bottle of beer to keep himself up. Shortly after, Luke begins to feel more tired and lies down on a couch to take a nap. Amanda, who is now under the mind control of Charlie Manson, wakes from her bed and goes into the living room where she finds Luke sleeping. Amanda grabs a rope stock from Professor Morgan's bag and ties the rope all around Luke's body to keep him strapped to the couch. She then grabs a knife from the kitchen and slashes Luke's throat with it, causing him to gurgle on his own blood as he slowly dies.

Abigail Warnock - As Abigail cleanses the rooms of Manson's house with holy water to destroy the entity, Amanda appears at the doorway and throws Abigail against the wall, knocking her out. Abigail quickly regains consciousness and holds a crucifix up to Amanda and chants from the Bible to cleanse Manson's manipulation from her, but Amanda grows angrier and holds Abigail down and stabs her 10 times in the stomach with a kitchen knife, covering her white nightgown in blood.

Cassidy Morgan - Cassidy and Robert decide to drive over to a church in order to get a priest to help Amanda. While Robert is driving, Amanda appears in the middle of the road and frightens Robert, causing him to lose control of the wheel and crash into a sign. Robert and Cassidy are both injured by the crash and are covered in blood. Cassidy slowly wakes up and painfully tries to wake her dad, but Amanda crashes through the car windshield and drags Robert out. Cassidy screams in terror and cries out for her father, but both he and Amanda are gone. Cassidy continues to cry and begins to spit up blood, before finally succumbing to her injuries and dying in her passenger seat.

Trey Edwards - While Trey is playing a video game on Jeff's Xbox, the power mysteriously goes out and shuts off the game. Trey crawls behind the television and attempts to re-wire the controls to start the power back up, but Amanda appears from behind him and hits Trey over the head with a baseball bat, causing him to convulse on the floor. Amanda then quietly drags Trey's body away.

Ryan Montgomery - After hearing the mysterious noises around the house, Ryan grabs his camera and starts recording all around the rooms to find out where the noises are coming from. He slowly walks the halls and finds nothing. Ryan then hears Amanda scream from upstairs and he quickly runs up to find her. Ryan screams for Amanda and searches all of the rooms, but she is nowhere to be found. As Ryan turns around to walk back downstairs, Amanda appears in front of him and smashes Ryan's camera into his face.

Professor Robert Morgan - After the car crash, Robert slowly wakes up and finds himself bound and gagged to a bed in Manson's home. Robert manages to break free of his ties and searches through his supply bag for his handgun. He continues to scuffle through his bag in search of his gun, but cannot find it. The door to his room begins to slowly open and Robert screams for help, but Amanda walks in and reveals to Robert that she stole his gun. She pulls the tape off of Robert's mouth and he pleads to Amanda for mercy and promises to get her some help, but Amanda ignores Robert's pleas and shoots him once in the chest, once in the cheek and throughout his mouth, once in the stomach and once in the forearm with the handgun, causing him to choke on his blood as he slowly dies on the bed.

Robbie Walker - Robbie arrives back at the house after picking up some food for the group and discovers a blood trail on the floor leading to the basement. He follows the trail to the basement and opens the door, and Jeff pops out in a fearful state and warns Robbie about the murders. Jeff begs for Robbie to leave the house with him, but Robbie insists they leave after they find Max and Amanda. Gunshots begin to go off and bullets start flying all around the house. Robbie and Jeff take cover and run away to avoid the bullets, but one of them hits Robbie in the leg, knocking him down. Robbie screams in pain and Jeff puts Robbie's arm around his neck and carries him to safety. As the duo arrive at the front door, another bullet hits Robbie in the back and through his chest, causing him to fall to the floor spitting up blood. Jeff pleads for Robbie to get up, but he succumbs to his wound and dies.

Jeff Good - After Robbie dies, the bullets stop and Jeff runs upstairs to find the others. He comes across another blood trail and goes into the room that it leads to, where he finds Professor Morgan's body. Jeff screams for help and runs back downstairs. He hears a noise in the kitchen and runs in to investigate, and Amanda appears at the front door to the kitchen and grabs Jeff by the throat and lifts him up. Jeff gasps for air and attempts to fight Amanda off, but fails. Amanda continues to lift Jeff up and drops him hardly on the floor.

Max Stevens - While Max is researching Charlie Manson in a biography book in the basement, he realizes that Manson's evil energy has been manipulating Amanda this whole time and runs upstairs to find her. Max comes across Jeff's dead body in the kitchen and begins to cry, but pulls himself together. He then goes upstairs and explores all of the rooms to find Amanda, but to no avail. Max begins to scream for Amanda and he hears her scream back from the bathroom. He quickly runs into the bathroom and finds Amanda facing the wall in front of her, crying. Max turns Amanda around and the two embrace eachother while crying in eachother's arms. Max then carries Amanda downstairs and tells her they are leaving. Amanda waits by the front door as Max goes back into the basement to get his equipment. Max comes back up and leaves the house with Amanda, but soon finds her going back inside the house. Max calls out for her as he follows her in, but cannot find her. Max walks into the living room and finds Luke's corpse tied to the couch. As Max turns around to flee, Amanda slashes his throat with the kitchen knife. While Max clutches his bleeding throat as he slowly dies on the floor, Amanda searches through his pockets and finds the ring he was planning on giving her to propose. She puts the ring on her finger and licks some of the blood from Max's throat, before walking back upstairs and into one of the rooms.



(Charlie Manson's house is shown in several angles)

(The text reads "On the 43rd anniversary of one of the most brutal crimes in the annals of American history, a group of Psychology students set out to find the truth of America's most vicious murderer, Charlie Manson")

Abigail (To her camera): Right here in this house behind me lived the most horrifying and unforgettable murderer to ever walk the streets of Los Angeles. A summer of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll gone murderous. 9 murders in 2 months thanks to one man; Charles Milles Manson.

(The Psychology team gets out of their vehicle and enter Manson's home)

Luke: Ah man, I already have the chills.

Prof. Morgan: Lets all set up the equipment in these rooms.

(The students set up their cameras in different rooms)

(Max opens up a door to one of the rooms)

(The text reads "This footage was found 10 days later")

Jeff (To the walls): Charlie, come out, come out wherever you are.

(Robbie holds up his camera)

Robbie: Give us a sign that you're here with us right now. 

(Amanda hears a noise in a closet and goes inside)

(The door closes and traps Amanda inside)

(Amanda screams)

Amanda: MAX, HELP ME!


(Max rushes to the closet and tries to open it)


(Prof. Morgan breaks the knob of the closet with a wrench)

Amanda (Crying): I don't want to be here anymore.

(Cassidy holds her mouth in shock)

Jeff: I don't think this stuff should be messed with. We woke something. It's like...something's been born.

(Amanda carves an "X" into her forehead)

Amanda: I feel like I don't have any control over my body anymore.

Robbie: Look at that. 

(Robbie shows the group pictures of Manson and his followers)

Robbie: He and his followers have that same "X" on their foreheads. It says that it means that they've crossed themselves out from society.

Prof. Morgan: It seems...this entity has found its way into you and it's feeding off of you.

(Max and Amanda hug eachother)

Prof. Morgan: His energy has been living in this home since he was first born and it's still looking for people to manipulate and control.

(Leaves rustling)

(The students explore the basement and Amanda collapses from a seizure)

Max: Amanda? Amanda?

(Amanda awakens and spits up saliva)


(Max and Amanda undress in a vacant room)

(The camera cuts out)

Amanda: I feel something...on my arm.

(Amanda lifts up her sleeve and a Swastika symbol appears on her arm)


(Amanda screams)

(Ryan runs upstairs)

Ryan: HELLO.

(Ryan turns around and Amanda appears, possessed)

(Amanda is dragged out of a bed)

(Cassidy and Prof. Morgan drive in the night)

(Amanda is standing in the middle of the road)

Cassidy: DAD, WATCH OUT!

(Prof. Morgan crashes into a sign)

(Abigail cleanses the rooms with holy water)

(Amanda appears at the doorway)

(Abigail screams)

(Amanda hovers over Luke as he sleeps on a couch)

Jeff (Whimpering): We need to get out of this place.

Robbie: Lets just find the others first. Then we can go.

(Gunshots go off)

(Jeff and Robbie take cover and run)

(The text shows the title card "Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening")

(Trey crawls behind the television to re-wire the power system)

(Amanda appears behind Trey and hits him over the head with a baseball bat)

Amanda gets trapped in a closet by the entityEdit

(Luke takes the students to explore the basement of the house)

Prof. Morgan: They say this is where all the negative energy located itself. Right in this basement. 

Jeff: Jeez, man. I don't want to get in the middle of this dude's anger.

Cassidy: How ironic coming from you, Mr. "Where's your sense of adventure?"

Robbie: Oh guys, come on. This guy's not even dead yet. He's still in prison getting fan mail and is probably having way more fun than we are.

Luke: You won't be saying that when we find something on him. Patience.

Amanda: Baby, this is really creeping me out.

Max: Babe, please. 

(Max puts his arm around Amanda)

Max: Even if this dude's rage was still here, he wouldn't have a chance against me.

(Amanda chuckles)

Luke: Guys, come look at this.

(Luke finds a family portrait of Charlie Manson as a child with his grandparents)

Luke: He was sitting right outside where we were. Creepy, huh?

(A door creaks)

Amanda: What was that?

Max: It was just the wind, babe.

Amanda: No, it wasn't.

Luke: Guys, come on. It hasn't even been 2 hours.

Amanda: I swear I heard something.

(The group continues to explore)

(Amanda hears another creak from the door)

(Amanda sneaks off from the group and investigates the noise)

Amanda: Hello.

(A whispering voice is heard in the closet)

(Amanda goes into the closet)

(The door shuts)

(Amanda screams)

Max: Hey, where's Amanda?

Cassidy: Wasn't she with you?

(Amanda screams)

Max: Oh, shit. That's Amanda.

(Max runs over to the closet)


(Max tries to open the closet, but it's locked)

Amanda: MAX, GET ME OUT!


(Max pulls on the door)

Amanda: MAX, HELP ME!


(Cassidy holds her mouth in shock)

(Prof. Morgan grabs a wrench and breaks the closet knob off with it)

(The door opens and Amanda runs out)

Jeff: What the hell was that?

(Amanda runs into Max's arms and the two hold eachother)

Luke: Alright, I think it's safe to move from here. Amanda, are you okay?

Amanda (Crying): I just want to leave this room.

Luke: Yeah, yeah. Lets go.

(Amanda continues to hold onto Max)

(The group goes upstairs)

Main Cast GalleryEdit

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