Paris Turn is an novel that features the friends characters.Rachel leaves for Paris,Which upsets Ross and the gang.Ross kills himself and Rachel returns and sees how things are changed without her soul mate.

One Ross Geller

"I'm sorry Ross",Rachel kissed him on the lips and walked away,Tears in her eyes.Ross and Phoebe looked on as their friend got on the plane."She left",Ross hugged Phoebe,Who was upset over her best friend crying."I know",Phoebe tried to confront him,But she knew that inside Ross,He would never forget Rachel.Rachel walked up to her seat and sat down and put her seatbelt on.

Ross was silent the whole way back to Monica and Chandler's apartment.He was thinking about what should he do.Phoebe looked at him when they were waiting for the green light to come on."Okay",She asked him.Ross looked at her."Yes",Ross lied.Phoebe knew he was not telling the truth,But continued on anyway.

Rachel was reading her friend's mothers book,Shaun's Heart.It was about an man who fell in love with an woman,But she did not love him."Oh my god",Rachel whispered.Nora Bing must have heard of her and Ross's history as she read on.It had Stella as Emily and Rachel as Vera.The man looked at her as she was skipping pages."What are you doing",He asked her."Getting off the plane",She replyed and she put her seatbelt off.

"Miss,You can't get off the plane",The woman tried to calm Rachel down and then she smiled."My friend said there is something wrong with the right Phalange",And with that everyone was screaming and trying to get off.

Rachel managed to get out and she was running across the hall.She needed to get to Ross.Rachel then dropped her handbag,And Rachel turned around.Did her love mattered over an handbag."No",Rachel replyed to her thoughts and ran right out of the airport.She ran onto the road,Which caused a couple of taxi's to stop."To the Villiage",Rachel gave the driver an fiver out of her pocket.

Ross opened the door to his apartment and closed it.He heard Emma crying from the other room.Sandra would pick her up the next day.Ross thought that this was the perfect time.He stared at the rope that he made and placed the kitchen chair under the rope.Either Sandra or Monica would find him.

Rachel bursted into the building and ran up to Monica's aparment and opened the door.She saw Chandler,Monica,Mike and Phoebe stareing at her."What's going on",Phoebe asked."Ross,I love Ross",She collapsed and Monica and Mike ran up to her."Oh my god",Phoebe screamed as she looked out the window."What",Chandler asked her and then he saw the sight.Rachel managed to get up and ran up to the window.Her soul mate,Ross Geller,Was dead.

Two Three is an Crowd

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