a fan fiction episode of The Penguins of Madagascar



  • Skipper
  • Kowalski
  • Rico
  • Private
  • King Julien
  • Maurice
  • Mort
  • Marlene
  • Mason
  • Bada
  • Bing
  • Phil
  • Louie
  • Alice
  • Burt (speaking cameo)
  • Joey (mentioned)


All the zoo animals and Louie are invited to the Lemurs party, and the penguins and Louie come to see if it's on the up-and-up, but Luoie gets hit by lightning after Kowalski drops escence of zombie in Louie's punch and Louie turns into a zombie who is after the smartest, hugest, and tastiest brain of all, which Louie finds out to be Kowalski's brain, so Kowalski has to find out how to get Louie back to normal before he gets his brain eaten


Tom McGrath as Skipper

Jeff Bennett as Kowalski

John DiMaggio as Rico, Bada, Burt

James Patrick Stuart as Private

Danny Jacobs as King Julien

Kevin Micheal Richardson as Maurice, Bing

Andy Richter as Mort

Nicole Sullivan as Marlene

Mary Scheer as Alice

Conrad Vemon as Mason

Candi Milo as Louie (normal)

Dee Bradley Baker as Louie (zombie)

Running Gag

Zombie Louie is seen with his teeth clamped around a zoo aninal's head this occurs with







  • From this episode-onward, whenever Louie is shocked, he turns into an zombie
  • After closing time, ALice is absent for the rest of the episode
  • 1st time we see Louie as a zombie

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