Path is an friends fanfiction.Set in 1554,It shows what would have happened to the friends.Sandra Green is an queen and buys slaves Ross,Monica and Phoebe Geller.Ross falls for Sandra's daughter,Rachel,Which is forbidden love.Monica runs away and meets Chandler,The soon to be husband of Sandra.The two keep changeing their hideout so they are never found.Phoebe falls for Mike,Another forbidden love.Meanwhile,Chandler's friend,Joey,Plans to save the slaves from Sandra.Will all their plans work out.

One Captured

"Monica",Phoebe screamed from outside.Monica looked up and saw knights slowly walking to their farmhouse."Get Ross",Monica shouted as the two ran into the house.They saw their mother who was sleaping."Mom",Monica struggled to wake her up."Oh my god",Phoebe screamed as an knight came in with an sword."Stay still and you will be spared",He spat on Phoebe's face.Monica looked outside the back window.Ross and her dad were the only ones who could save them.

Ross was giving the chickens food when Jack noticed the knights."Oh my god,Girls",Jack shouted as he ran to the farmhouse.He turned around to Ross."Run",He mouthed and Ross did what he was told.They had an plan,That if the knights came,They would run to the docks and flee to another country.

Jack stormed into the house and saw his wifes body lying dead in the bedroom."No",Jack started crying.His love of his life was dead.Just then,He turned around and was punched on the face."Where is the boy",The knight shouted."A long way from here",Jack smiled at him.If Ross managed to escape,He knew that he would continue the family's blood."Liar",He stabbed Jack right on the neck.Jack's last seeing was Ross getting dragged in by another knight.He knew that his family were either going to die or be slaves by the evil Sandra Green.

Monica was tied up in the chair after attacking an guard."She could clean and cook",The knight smiled at her."What about her",Another pointed at Phoebe."Rape her and put her in the torture chamber",He smiled."Noo",Ross screamed and he punched the knight on the face."Run",He shouted at Phoebe.She did what she was told and quickly ran out of the farmhouse.She would come back after the knights were gone.

"Ross",Monica screamed.She knew they would kill him now."He could be the one who keeps her daughters impressed",An knight smiled.Ross was punched out cold.Meanwhile,Phoebe was running into the forest,But tripped over an branch."Ahhh",Moaned Phoebe.Just then,She was punched in the head by someone.

Two Cage

Monica woke up and saw that she and other slaves were stuck in an cage."This can't be happening",Screamed an female slave.Monica looked around and saw that Ross and Phoebe were not in the cage."Ross,Pheebs",Monica shouted.She then heard Phoebe scream.Monica looked around and saw what was happening to the cages.They were getting pushed down the hill,And then the knights were going to hunt them down and bring them as slaves.

Phoebe's cage fell and the door burst open."Get out",Phoebe tried to get the other slaves out so she can try and escape.The sick bastards must enjoy other people's torture.Phoebe was about to run untill she heard an little girl crying.

Monica looked on in horror as she saw an knight running up to Phoebe and the girl."Noooo",Monica screamed.Phoebe was hit right on the face and the girl got the same.She then looked at the other passage and saw knights holding the slaves they captured.There was Ross,Who was crying in horror."Ross",Monica screamed.Ross turned around and saw her."Mon",He tried to get her out,But was kicked by an Knight."Move on",The knight shouted at him.

Just then,Monica's cage was pushed down the hill.To their horror,They relised that the doors were locked."Oh no",Monica screamed as they saw two knights coming up to it slowly.Just then,An woman grabbed an rock and started hitting the door,Which made it open.Monica did not care about the others like Phoebe did.She was coming back to save the slaves after escapeing.

Monica was running when she heard an scream.She saw the men and woman getting tortured by the guards.Monica continued on running.Meanwhile,An man saw her running away as the Knights did not notice."Good luck",He whispered,But was stabbed in the chest,Which caused the others to scream.

Three Rachel

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