Universe EarthBound
Appears in Earthbound
Debut EarthBound (1995)
Availability Unlockable
Voiced by  ????

Moves (Smash)

Up Special: She uses PSI to cause sparks to fly from her frying pan.

Down Special: She uses PK Magnet to bounce, a sort of double jump. Anyone in the way is knocked back.

Left Special: Strikes hard with her frying pan. (left)

Right Special: Strikes hard with her frying pan. (right)

Final Smash: PK Pulse (Ana and Kumatora are summoned, and all three of them similtaniously use PK Beam to cause a large pulse of PSI energy that ensumes the field.)

Special Movements


  • Pulls out her frying pan and flips a random food item, humming "Pollyanna."
  • Puts her arms up, causing PK Thunder to crackle around her dramaticly.
  • Turns to the camera, curtsies, and says "Okay.", Simmilar to Ness's

Alternate Costumes

  • Pink Dress and Bow (Usual Outfit)
  • Blue Dress and Headband
  • Pink T-Shirt and Khacki Pants with Sandals
  • Ana Costume (Purple Hat, Purple Dress)
  • Kumatora Costume (Spiky Red Hair, Short Lavender Dress)
  • Cave of the Past (Robot) Form

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