PAYDAY: Crime Spree
Developer(s) Sektor17
Platform(s) Windows, PS3
Release Date TBD
Genre(s) First/Person Shooter
Rating(s) ESRB: M (Blood, Strong Language, Intense Violence)

Payday: Crime Spree is a sequel to the game Payday: The Heist.


The Vault

There is a vault inside a bank with lots of money inside it. Unfortunately, the safe is impenetrable unless the correct code is entered into the system to open the safe. You are transported to the bank via a bulletproof van and break into the bank. You need to place code cracking software onto the bank's mainframe. Once the code is cracked, the safe will open and you must get as much money out of the vault as you can and get to the van while holding off the police.


A professional assassin working for you has been sent to prison and locked in a maximum security cell block. You need to disengage the security doors and find the cell that your target is in and get that door open with a heavy drill. Once the drill gets through the cell door, you need to escort him to the roof to a helicopter that is waiting for you.

Stash House

There is a house where gangsters are stashing money and guns. You need to get in and kill the guards. You then need to saw through the metal door and bring the weapon crates and money bags to the van waiting outside.


There is a major target of your gang in the subway. You have to hijack the train, stop it at the next station and get him off and into the escape van. Unfortunately, the cops know that you are going to hijack the subway and are already gaining entry to the train. You have to protect the target until you are at the right station and can get him into the van.

More Heists soon...


  • AMCAR-9 Assault Rifle
  • B9-S Pistol
  • Locomotive 12G Shotgun
  • Bronco .44 Magnum
  • Crosskill .45 Pistol
  • Compact-5 SMG
  • M308 Battle Rifle
  • Reinbeck Shotgun
  • Mark-11 SMG
  • Brenner 21 7.62 Machine Gun
  • ASR .50 Sniper Rifle
  • Clarion 556 Assault Rifle
  • Bullpup AGH3 SMG

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