Perfect Like is an friends fanfiction.Phoebe never lived on the streets,And has the perfect life.How will this turn out for the friends.

One Prolouge

Phoebe Buffay looked at the computer,Smileing that her sister bought this for her birthday."Dad",Phoebe shouted."Yeah,Love",Frank Buffay came in and saw Phoebe looking confused."How do you work this",Phoebe innocently asked her father."Well",Her father pointed of what to do.

Later,Ursula was opening her presents."Thank's,Phoebe",Ursula cried out as she got an watch."I got it because i remembered you tried to steel it from that kid from school",Phoebe smiled at her twin sisters.

Just then,Mona came running through the lounge.Mona was Phoebe and Ursula's daughter."Phoebe,Ursula,Girl outside",Mona started to cry and Ursula hugged her."I will check",Phoebe walked to the kitchen and opened the back door.

An woman who looked like she was crying and covered in mud was standing out there in the rain."Can i help you",Phoebe asked her.But she relised the mud was blood."What the"-,Phoebe cried out.

"Man,Ross Missing,Parents",The girl collapsed and fell into more mud,Which made her cry.Phoebe quickly ran up to her and held onto her."Dad,Mom",Phoebe shouted.Lily Buffay came running out and saw what was happening.

Later,In the lounge,The woman was turned out to be Monica Geller was sitting on an sofa,Crying."What happen",Asked Frank."Man came in.Killed Mom and Dad.Ross.I escaped",Monica tryed to explain but couldn't get the words.

Two What Happened

Monica Geller was watching the television along with her mother Judy."Monica,Your hair is messy",Judy started to sort her hair."I'm okay,I lost the weight",Monica sighed.Ever since she lost the weight,Judy was picking on her.

Just then,An man bursted the door open and had an gun.He pointed the gun at Monica and Judy."Get Jack,You fucking bitch",The man shouted."Who are you",Judy cried out.Just then,The man shot Judy on the head.

Monica was quiet over what happened.She hoped she could escape,Somehow.Meanwhile,Ross heard the shot in the bathroom.He quickly got out and got dressed in his boxers.

He silently opened the door and saw his mother's dead body down the stairs.Ross felt an tear in his eye when he heard an yell from downstairs.Ross quickly got into his sisters room,Hoping she was there.She wasn't.

Monica looked on as Jack and the man were fighting."Help",Monica screamed and the man turned around.Ross grabbed an vase and threw it at the man,But he still regained balance.The man grabbed the butcher knife from the table and stabbed into the Jack's neck.

Monica quickly bolted out the house,With the man following her.She was screaming for help

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