Candance Finaly Gets It Her Way For a Change.


Phineas & Ferb Are Trying to come up for what to do that day, when Candace asked them to clean up the mess cause Mom left her in charge, And they don't and Candace Says "Why Do You Never Do Anything I Ask You To", When Phineas Comes Up With idea to be Candaces Personal Servants for the day.

Phineas And Ferb go and tell Her and shes Says Just Clean up the mess, and with in 2 seconds the mess is cleaned, and she gets a Feeling of power and asked for a Bananna Smoothie and straight away they bring it and she's goes power mad.

They sing A Song.

She Asks for them to get her Jeramy, they get her and run into Isabella who asks whatcha doing and they Tell Her And She Gets The Neibour Kids to join In and She's Becomes The Leader Of An Army Child Army She Makes Them To Tasks Such as A Foot Massage or Call Mom for her and hold her phone for her.

Then Mom Comes Home And Ruins the fun and another day done. Candance Crys.

Meanwhile Perry Has to fole Doof's Plans To Do Nothing Decided To Quit Evil and Become An Opera Singing But Perry Decides To Bring Him Back to Evil.


It's Up to You

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