Lazy Day

Season 3 Written by Unown Source Directed by Dan Povenmire Airing Information Disney Channel US Premiere August 17th, 2010 International Premiere August 17th, 2010 Phineas and Ferb Watch A Televison Marathon. Perry the Platypus attempts to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil plan to Hold Monkeys Captive for Writting.


Phineas and Ferb are sitting on Couch, pondering what to do. Phineas realizes that they will Miss There Favorite Show shortly and they Found Out There Is A Marathon. Thats when he decides to watch the entire Marathon Without A Break Phineas realizes that's what they should do today: Become A Couch Potato.

As their mom, Linda, heads off to Live Performance at Mall, Candace runs to her car to confirm that she's been put in charge. Mom doesn't think it's necessary that anyone be in charge, but Candace does. "What if Pirates Take Over The Kitchen?" It's not likely to happen, so her mom gives her approval and Candace rushes over to tell the boys, "Mom says I'm in charge conditionally."

That doesn't bother Phineas. He and Ferb have set up tables with snakes and drinks and have envited The Neibourhood. Candace doesn't understand why they would be doing this during their summer vacation. She heads into the house after admonishing them that she's watching them, and reminds the boys that she's in charge, conditionally.

She only gets to take one look out the window before the phone rings. It's Jeremany, wanting to invite her to his BDay Party. She Must go But She can't because she has to watch her brothers. Candace Asks that Stacy will Babysit.

While she's been talking on the phone, the boys and Perry have been Watching Televison. They Laughs breaks her concentration and she yells at the boys, Will you keep it down,I am trying to use the phone!. Going back to talk to Stacy, she gets her first hint that something's wrong. Stacy can come over because she wasn't envited. Candace runs out to the Door, then stops in her tracks. She Opens The Door Stacy comes in and she runs to Jeremany's Party She Runs off to The Boys, proclaiming that the boys are Being Watched. She repeats it several times and spells it out for emphasis. "We're going to need Cheezey Pop and some more peanut butter" is Phineas' assessment.

As Candace rides off on her bike to the Party, Isabella walks in, hearts in her eyes. "Whatcha doin'?" she asks. Phineas fills her in. She then says hi to Ferb, but Ferb only waves his hand in response. As a man of action, he's busy laying Down. He strikes a Point where he's cheese beard is Santaish . Ferb just blinks, apparently unworried. Isabella had stopped by to invite Phineas to go swimming with her but he wants to watch on the show, so she heads off.

Perry Gets To The Lair

Major Monogram informs him that Dr. Doofenshmirtz has stolen "500 Banannas, 2 Typewritters and a Bottle Of Cheezy Pop". Agent P must find out why and stop him. Before Agent P leaves, Major Monogram reminds him to maintain his cover. Giving the Major a quick salute, he flies off in his platypus-shaped hoverjet. He exits to the surface through a tunnel. Shortly thereafter, he flies by the boys and has to pull his hat down over his face to avoid being recognized.

The boys are taking a Bathroom break from Watching to discuss their Favorite Episode Of The Show. "When RoboDan's solid-fuel booster rockets are cloged by snakes being released during a Shipping Error. Phineas heads off to go. while Ferb resumes watching.

Meanwhile, Candace has been trying to get To The Party When She Realises its Far Away And Won't make it. She Calls Her Mom Linda mentions that she recalls offering Candace A Lift, claiming that She Was Watching the boys Watching "monkeys juggle bicycles," but when she was to busy, It is to Late Sorry Honey. Candace persists, telling her about the Promise She Made When She was 4 YEars old. Linda thinks Candance is a little Old to need A Lift.

At that moment, TV Asked the same question. After Phineas watches it, To Neibour Kids Come. He offers to give them A Chair to Watch With Them They All Agree.

Perry in Doofenshmirtz's trapNearby, Agent P swings in through a window at Doofenshmirtz Evil Public School Of Writting, Grammer, Art, Science, Maths, Music and Drama. Dr. Doofenshmirtz greets him with: "Ah, Perry the Platypus! What an uncool surprise. And by uncool, I mean completely Cool! Wait What?." After trapping Agent P, the doctor informs Agent P of his plan to get monkeys to wright his Biography Perry Stops Him And Candnace Makes it intime for the cake, The Guys Get The Marathon Done And Are Happy to Have Done it

Running Gags

  • The "Too Young" TV: Isn't He To Young To Be A Pro Wrestler?

Phineas: Yes, yes He is.

  • Ferb's Line "What If Our Life Is Just A marathon. (looks At The The Screen)"
*Whatcha doin'?Said by Isabella just as Show Starts. 
  • Perry's entrance to his lairPerry Enters 100000 Number Passcode.
  • Where's Perry
Televison Where's Gary

End Credits

  • Theme Song To Minamus And Kerb.


  • Theme Song To Minamus And Kerb
  • TV Marathon
  • Lazy SUNDAY
  • Perry's Passcode
  • Best Birthday Ever

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