Piranha 3DD (alternativly known as Piranha 3D: The Sequel) is an upcoming 2012 3D horror-comedy film and sequel to the 2010 film Piranha 3D. It is directed by John Gulager from a screenplay by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. It stars Ving Rhames, Paul Scheer and Christopher Lloyd, who reprise their roles from the first film. Production began on April 27, 2011 with a release scheduled for November 23, 2011, but month prior to release this date was revised to an unspecified 2012 date.

List of Deaths

# Name Cause of Death Killer Notes
1. Loretta Hit by Speeding Boat / Eaten Piranhas
2. Dying Bikini Girl Eaten Piranhas
3. Bather Eyes & Face Bitten / Blood Loss Piranhas
4. Save Dead Woman Eaten Piranhas
5. Bethany Eaten Piranhas
6. Young Mom Alive Piranhas
7. Freckled Boy Decapitated Piranhas
8. Rochelle Bitten Piranhas
9. Maddy Alive Piranhas
10. Hysteric Bitten Piranhas
11. Cannonball Girl Bisected and Eaten Piranhas
12. Lizzie Eaten while riding down on a water slide Piranhas
13. Travis Fell in the water and got devoured Piranhas
14. Bella Nipples ripped off and died of pain Piranhas
15. Pearl Legs bitten off Piranhas
16. Alex Eyes eaten through her glasses Piranhas
17. Kara Jones Fell into a cage under water and drowned Piranhas
18. Theo Fallon Pulled into water while doing a water activity Piranhas
19. Ashley Fallon Devoured Piranhas
20. Kendra Devoured Piranhas
21. Big Dave Alive Piranhas
22. Jenina Fallon Fell over a railing, into the water and devoured Piranhas
23. Thomas Fallon Alive Piranhas
24. Josh Alive Piranhas
25. Mo Devoured through the mouth and suffocated Piranhas
26. Barry Alive Piranhas
27. Chet Devoured Piranhas
28. Male Staffer Unknown Piranhas
29. Water Park Patron Dragged under water Piranhas
30. Marianna Fell into burning pool Piranhas
31. Clayton Devoured Piranhas
32. Shelby Alive Piranhas


Andrew "Drew" Cunningham Alive Piranhas


Young Boy Head Bitten off Piranhas


A year after the events of Piranha 3D, all the baby piranhas are dead, and now a school of adult piranhas are coming. They find their way through pipes and gain access into a local waterpark called, "Big Wet". This movie is double the terror and double the Ds!


Ving Rhames - Deputy Fallon

Christoper Lloyd - Carl Goodman

Paul Scheer - Andrew "Drew" Cunningham

Danielle Panabaker - Maddy

Gary Busey - Clayton

Chris Zylka - Kyle

David Koechner - Chet

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood - Alex

Chelan Simmons - Marianna

Matt Bush - Barry

Cody Kennedy - Lifeguard Cody

Katrina Bowden - Shelby

Crystal Lowe - Loretta

David Hasselhoff - Himself

Naomi Snieckus - Pearl

Adrian Martinez - Big Dave

Meagan Tandy - Ashley Fallon

Shanica Knowles - Kendra

Allison Mack - Kara Jones

Marta Zolynska (Mia Hope) - Bella

Jenna Hurt - Rochelle

Katie Garner - Lizzie

Paul James Jordan - Travis

David Schifter - Bite Victim's Father

Beth Powder - Cannonball Girl

Alisa Harris - Hysteric

Micheal L. Kuhn - Male Staffer

Richard Wes Howren - Water Park Patron

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