Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Lost Abyss is a 2013 British-American Adventure Fantasy film and

Pirates Of The Caribbean:

The Lost Abyss

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Theatrical release poster

Directed by Rob Marshall
Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay by Ted Elliott

Terry Rossio

Story by Jay Wolpert

Johnny Depp

Chad Michael Murray

Ben Kingsley

Emma Roberts

Kristen Wiig

Jonah Hill

Kevin McNally

Martin Sheen

Music by Hans Zimmer
Cinematography Dariusz Wolski
Editing by David Brenner

Wyatt Smith Michael Kahn (add'l ed)

Distributed by Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Release date(s)
  • May 18, 2013 (United Kingdom)
  • May 23, 2013 (United States/Canada)
Running time 112 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $150 –253 million
Box office $86,024,211

the fifth instalment in the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series.

The previous fourth instalment On Stranger Tides which was helmed by director Rob Marshall (whom overtook from previous series recurring director forerunner Gore Verbinski) is replaced by director Marc Forster (whom had worked along with series protagonist actor Johnny Depp on the 2004 motion picture Finding Neverland) and written by all instalments screenwriters Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio.

Jerry Bruckheimer whom has served as the producer for all the previous instalments returns again in his same respective crew role.

The film draws inspiration from the real life famous pirate Oruc Tais (famously known by nickname as the dreaded pirate Redbeard), The Popular Mythology surrounding the famous Region in the Western Part of the North Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle, The Famous Greek Mythology Cthlonic Gorgon Monster Medusa and her two Greek Mythology Gorgon Sisters as well as a take on the embodiment of what would be earth's natural resources: it's elements (coming in the form of humans possessing epic abilities and being titled as elementals.)

The film began production in May 2011 and was filmed in locations such as Logrono Spain, The Niah Caves situated in Sarawak Malaysia, Universal Studios California and the other locations formerly used in the previous instalments.

13 companies were employed regarding the film's visual effects and the same techniques used for the 3D aspects of the previous On Stranger Tides were used again which matched up with James Cameron's global blockbuster Avatar.

The film stars Johnny Depp reprising his role as the eccentric pirate protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow, Kevin McNally reprising his role at the Jack Sparrow sidekick Joshamee Gibbs, Kristen Wiig as the antagonist Medusa, Ben Kingsley as the dreaded pirate antagonist Orcus Reis A.K.A. Redbeard, Chad Michael Murray filling the shoes of young sailor Hamlet Minkamp who becomes somewhat of a Will Turner sidekick to Jack in the film, Emma Roberts as Hamlet's Bartender love Erloise Sventon, Jonah Hill as the bumbling Captain Jack aspiree scholar Smitton Broxer and Taylor Kinney as East India Trading Company Official Lieutennant Cantwell who is on the pursuit of Erloise who he desperatley yearns for.


The film begins with a woman in an open coffin adrift on the ocean who comes to a paddleboat sporting two thieves.

The thieves ravage the coffin and attempt to snatch the golden necklace around the seemingly dead woman's neck.

Her eyes however wake and she springs up frightening the thieves.

She turns and with a scream the camera goes off to face the water as a crackling sound noises.

The camera then comes back to the two thieves who have been turned to stone.

At that instant a large ship appears out of flames and the woman comes aboard.

We see her shadow upon the ship's floor seem to change and the same scream sounds but the men among the ship simply laugh and nothing occurs.

Then emerges a bald pirate wielding a red sword with the embedded image of a dragon upon it who informs her power will not work here and her name is revealed as Medusa (Kristen Wiig).

She utters the name Oruc Tais (Ben Kingsley) and he responds with they have some harvesting to do.

The opening title card of the film then appears as snakes swarm and a statue begins to rot with the title Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Lost Abyss appearing.

The film then takes us to the young Tortuga Sailor Hamlet Minkamp (Chad Michael Murray) who is interested in beautiful Tortuga Bartender Erloise Sventon (Emma Roberts) who was once part of the royal family from London who abandoned her family and in disgrace took up as a small time bartender on the scoundrel land of Tortuga.

Hamlet attempts to approach Erloise but is cut off as East India Trading Company Lieutennant Cantwell (Taylor Kinney) steps in.

Lieutennant Cantwell wishes to win the heart of Erloise as well and is the successor to Lord Cutler Becket.

Erloise is however not interested in Cantwell and in secret yearns for Hamlet who offers provisions from time to time.

It begins with a fight as Hamlet takes on Cantwell and his men after striking Cantwell in the face for invading Erloise's space and mocking him.

Erloise takes hold of Hamlet after he fights off Cantwell's men and the two escape on a carriage to Tortuga's port where they take off on a raft as Cantwell and his men come aboard Cantwell's ship the HMD Deterior.

We then flash to Port Royal where new Governor Allamby Everhart (Martin Sheen) is overseen by his two advisors Smitton Broxer (Jonah Hill) and Adavelle Kirshner (Rami Malek) who are abducted as Port Royal is layed seige to overnight.

We then come to London where a Barmaid Janice Sia Varda (Yvonne Strahovski) who is abducted from the London Bar she works in called the Devilish Sword and all those present in the bar are killed by the appearing and disappearing pirates who seem to be able to control fire.

We then come back to Hamlet and Erloise who on raft are still adrift on the ocean.

In comes a large ship which seems to appear out of flame with the side reading "The Ottoman."

The two try to steer their raft clear of the oncoming ship but it collides and breaks their raft rendering Hamlet into the water.

Erloise stands upon what's left of the raft as a fiery hand comes down and seizes her.

Hamlet surfaces but Erloise has been taken aboard the ship.

Aboard Erloise struggles with the advancing crew members whom she attempts to fend off upon seizing a sword on the ship.

She is eventually twirled over to Captain Oruc Tais who formerly introduces himself and welcomes her aboard the Ottoman also known as the Swirling Fireball of Fiery Death to some before twirling her over before Medusa coos the lullaby Hush Little Baby to Erloise as their eyes meet and Erloise is turned to stone.

The now statue Erloise is then carefully lowered to the floor by crew members beside what is revealed as the statues of characters Smitton Broxer, Adavelle Kirshner and Janice Via Sarda.

Medusa then asks as to where is the fifth, Oruc steps forth and then looks over at his crew who claim there was only one youth aboard the raft, Medusa screams they need five to commit the ritual and Oruc shaking his head then pushes forward his sword and strips the explaining Crew Member of his immortality and Medusa descends upon him turning him to stone and smashing his statue.

We are then taken straight to where the fourth film left off Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs on the beach attempting to find a way to release the Black Pearl from the bottle it was entrapped in by Edward Teach A.K.A. Blackbeard.

Jack first attempts smashing the bottle with a rock three times and then Joshamee Gibbs fires off a round at the bottle which propels off it and hits a coconut tree which releases a coconut and falls upon it.

The bottle then gives a slight crack and Jack seizes the bottle.

Gibbs states it is no use that they'll never get the bottle back by any means they know and Jack spirals the bottle into the water.

The bottle then completely cracks and releases the ship which grows and grows until it reaches full size and surfaces before them.

Captain Jack then sprints off on Mr. Gibbs rushing towards his ship yelling out it's name and the word Rum.

All the Black Pearl crew members then stand upwards covered in seaweed and grime to which Jack responds with they all look like crap though thank god for the ship though.

Mr. Gibbs boards and Anamaria emerges slapping Jack across the face explaining that's for leaving the ship in the irresponsebile car of Barbossa who lost it to the pirate Blackbeard and left them trapped.

The film then continues on with Captain Jack setting the Black Pearl in sight for the Bahamas when they come across Hamlet adrift with the remains of him and Erloise's raft.

Mr. Gibbs requests they take him aboard despite Jack's objections and the Ottoman and HMD Deterior come in pursuit.

Upon Hamlet coming aboard he begs with Jack to save Erloise from a ship called the Ottoman and that he overheard those on board talking about coming before to a cave on an island called Isla De Calatos.

Jack upon hearing the ship's name protests there is no deal.

He tells Hamlet that he has no idea of the incomprehensible supernatural deadly pirate dangers he is dealing with.

He tells Hamlet he should cut his losses and forget the dear old Bonnie Lass.

Hamlet then draws Mr. Gibbs' sword upon Jack's throat which prompts the rest of the crew to withdraw their swords at Hamlet.

Hamlet threatens Jack stating that a very powerful ship is on their tail right now called the HMD Deterior and that it belongs to the East India Trading Company's new Lord and leading Lieutennant Antheas Cantwell.

Hamlet then pulls up Jack's right hand sleeve and reveals the Sparrow Tattoo as well as the Pirate P mark.

He utters Jack Sparrow the infamous Pirate captain of the Black Pearl who bested the dreaded pirates Blackbeard and Davy Jones also bestest the East India Trading Company's former lord Cutler Beckett and as a result is highly desired by them for a formidable hanging.

He goes on to threaten that if he doesn't help him he will abandon ship in the direction of the pursuing HMD and inform them of your current location.

Jack agrees on the condition he stop pointing his sword at him and there will be no touching.

They set sail for Isla De Calatos and Mr. Gibbs informs Jack, Hamlet and the crew the Caves Of Calatos contain an apparent deadly curse which renders the infected into a fearsome beast of colossal size and verocity.

A group of the crew along with the Guard Dog and Hamlet descend into the cave and Jack hits a slip and falls into a clear silvery mucus like substance upon the ground.

Mr. Gibbs helps him to his feet and pulls back Hamlet who finds himself drawn to touch the same type of substance protruding from a wall warning it's best not to touch anything which resides within the deadly caves of Calatos.

Jack then informs Mr. Gibbs that all of a sudden he is feeling a bit strange.

A loud bellow then sounds down the tunnel and Anamaria, Marty, Mr. Cotton, Pintel and Raghetti then step back in fright asking as to what that was.

Captain Jack then states he could hazard as a guess and steps forward.

The group comes to oversee a small chamber.

Inside the chamber on a large wall are engraved drawings of a large water monster set released by flame and water.

Jack begins to mutate further and the rest of the crew begin to flee all apart from Hamlet who tries to stop Gibbs from leaving.

Gibbs tell him the curse has got him that he's becoming a beast and we stick to the code.

Jack bellows in a deep voice you filthy slimy mangy cur Gibbs and as Hamlet comes over to him with his fire torch in hand Jack smacks it aside and it hits a drop of water protruding from the large wall.

The place then begins to flood and Gibbs and Hamlet seize hold of Jack pulling him out of the chamber as the Water Demon comes.

The three find themselves underwater and having to swim taking oxygen from small holes of relief as the rest of the crew are above surface ahead escaping.

Gibbs and Hamlet along with Jack eventually come to the upper landing and Gibbs informs Hamlet the demon is Calatos to which the cave is named after and the only known way to best the beast is have it exit it's cave.

Hamlet then draws on the attention of Calatos and steps aside as does Gibbs as it lunges forward and subsequently pours itself onto the rocky platforms outside.

It then begins to speak vaporizing begging to be saved to which Hamlet answers on the condition it helps to find a certain ship, The Ottoman.

Calatos exclaims it knows of the ship and it's Captain Redbeard along with a woman with the ability to turn things to stone came to it's caves and offered sacrifices of some of it's crew on the condition it inform of the location of the three keys.

Gibbs then grabs forth a jar and places the miniturized Calatos within the jar with water on the bottom to replenish him.

Jack is then placed within the holding cells of the Pearl as his mutation spreds further.

The crew detests to having Jack aboard as he becomes the beast.

Hamlet detests saying he knows that Jack possesses a compass which can point one in the direction their heart most desires and that Jack no longer has it on his person but knows where it is and whilest he is still able to communicate he can help them find it.

Gibbs explains that the Three Keys is the collective name of three objects which when assembled which open the entrance into the Gorgon Cave of Isla Gorgon the prison of the evil Gorgon Medusa's two Gorgon Monster Sisters.

Gibbs tells that the woman mentioned by Calatos who visited his cave, offered him sacrifices and had the ability to turn things to stone is indeed Medusa and the ship the Ottoman belongs to the dreaded pirate Oruc Tais more infamously known by the title Redbeard.

He tells that the pirate Redbeard has been known to have powers in the supernatural mainly to do with fire as does his former dead bestfriend pirate Edward Teach a.k.a Blackbeard who Jack had bestest prior to these events.

He tells that it appears Redbeard has formed a deadly alliance with Medusa and they are setting out to release Medusa's sisters.

Hamlet enquires as to why they would need his love Erloise then.

Gibbs explains that there is a rumoured ritual which involves sacrifices which must be executed in the central chamber of Cave Gorgon to release them, that the sacrifices must be the most recent descendants of the original royal families of the Caribbean.

Hamlet then realizes Erloise was indeed a daughter of the Royal Family of England who fled to Tortuga.

What follows then is the Ottoman appearing aside the Black Pearl and the seige in which the Ottoman's crew square off against the crew of the Black Pearl.

Hamlet is seized by Redbeard as he tries to head down into the ship's holding area and Medusa appears from behind him and turns Hamlet to stone.

He is then taken aboard the Ottoman and the Black Pearl crew are rounded up and locked up in the holding cells opposite Jack's within the Pearl.

A mutated Jack then extends forward and rips himself free and upon taking forward releases the crew.

Jack leaps forth onto the Ottoman and lays his hand upon the statue of Hamlet releasing him from his stone imprisonement and then proceeds to do the same for Erloise, Adavelle and Smitton but fails to reach the statue of Janice which rocks downward as the Ottoman begins to sway by the magic of Redbeard.

The ship rocks again and the statue of Janice comes to the mutated Jack's reach and she is reverted from stone form.

Medusa screams and everyone upon the ship covers their ears including Redbeard who loses his telekinetic hold over the ship.

The mutated Jack lets hold of his ears and turns to Gibbs telling him to take the boy, bonnie lass and the rest of the kiddies to Rome by the sail of the Pearl.

Gibbs enquires as to what he is going to do to which Jack answers with what I sir supreme Captain Jack Sparrow does best, he also tells the about to part Gibbs don't get a scratch on his ship before he leaps forth at the screaming Medusa and is reverted backwards by the power of Redbeard's sword.

Gibbs then ushers Hamlet who has taken hold of Erloise and locked in a passionate kiss onto the Pearl along with Adavelle, Janice, Smitton and the rest of the Black Pearl crew aboard the Ottoman.

They pull anchor and leave as Jack holds on the attention of Medusa and Redbeard.

Hamlet asks the sailing away Gibbs whilest holding an unbalanced Erloise as to where they headed to which he answers our heading is Rome. and they were eaten by the resurrected Kraken. and Hamlet is revealed as the Son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan.


  • Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Chad Michael Murray as Hamlet Minkamp
  • Ben Kingsley as Oruc Reis/ Redbeard
  • Emma Roberts as Erloise Sventon
  • Kristen Wiig as Medusa
  • Jonah Hill as Smitton Broxer
  • Kevin R. McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
  • Martin Sheen as King Pepin The Short
  • Rami Malek as Adavelle Kirshner
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Janice Sia Varda
  • Lee Arenberg as Pintel
  • Mackenzie Crook as Ragetti
  • Zoe Saldana as Anamaria
  • Martin Klebba as Marty
  • David Bailie as Cotton
  • Taylor Kinney as Lord Antonias Cantwell
  • Tom Guiry as Lieutennant Boulder
  • Philip Winchester as Lieutennant Breakerman
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Redbeard's First Mate Treacher
  • James D'Arcy as Ottoman Crew Member Bernie
  • Sean Maher as Ottoman Crew Member Fernie
  • Brian White as Ottoman Crew Member Ignitus
  • Scott Weigner as Ottoman Crew Member Jewlblumby
  • Shawn Hatosy as Ottoman Crew Member Wayward
  • Kip Pardue as Ottoman Crew Member Whip
  • Warren Christie as Ottoman Crew Member Ball
  • Freddy Rodriquez as Ottoman Crew Member Chain
  • Tahmoh Penikett as Ottoman Crew Member Ruggard
  • Coby Bell as Ottoman Crew Member Dublois
  • Tracie Thoms as Ottoman Crew Member Flarissa
  • Heather Tom as Ottoman Crew Member Spark
  • Staci Keanan as Roman Princess
  • Garret Kruitof as Roman Soldier Flaxley
  • Alana Ubach as Roman Soldier Tambet
  • Nick Tarabay as Roman Soldier Brutton
  • Aksel Hennie as Roman Soldier Lordien
  • Theo Rossi as Roman Soldier Billy
  • Maria Thayer as Roman Guide Clarissa
  • Lexa Doig as Voice of Euryale
  • Indira Varma as Voice Of Stheno


Filming began on March 28th, 2012 in Hawaii and the locations previously used for Port Royal and Tortuga.
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The Black Dragon Ship serving as the Ottoman for the Lost Abyss A.K.A The Swirling Fireball

The Ottoman A.K.A The Swirling Fireball ship was the borrowed tour ship the Black Dragon from San Padre and the film was shot in Logrono, Spain and the exterior of the Roman Palace was the Roman Palace Hotel.

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