Jack at the helm of the pearl Reading the map and they stopped at a unamed island and the gotten the first clue it was A bronze sword that said would unlock a door Jack gave the sword to gibbs, Gibbs knew jack's Plan he knew jack had failed Immortality many times he figure discoverying the treasure isles would make him immortal through reputation, Jack and Gibbs came about the pearl and jack Saw the Bearded lady off the bow of the pearl he wasn't sure about engaging it in a ship to ship battle or go about the ship, Barbossa's ship opened fire on the pearl continuing a hunt that has been going on for months, Jack then saw the black hearted barnicle and the queen anne's revenge both ships began plundering the Bearded lady, Jack commanded open fire on the Bearded Lady, Angelica yelled open fire on the ship the Fire spew from cannons and the front and then barbossa the yelled all hands FIRE!!!, the black hearted barnicle fled from the battle and went next to the Pearl barbossa's ship was in flames. barbossa was being burned alive, Angelica said time to Shrink the ship, the Black hearted Barnicle and the Black Pearl sailed away, Little did they know a chared barbossa jumped ship and stowedaway on the Black hearted Barnicle, Jack told Long john Silver how black elliot Got defeated and He said" why didn't i smash that Gem years ago" he rolled his eyes, Jack then said You see what happened to the bearded lady he Replied, "the captain burned alive and the ship assumed sunk",Jack tried to recall who the captain was. Barbossa Jumped from a crate on the Black hearted barnicle said it be me jack, Jack said"look i had nothin to do with angelica burning your ship Barbossa says "jack i'm not accusing you she shrunk the ship i need your help". Long john silver was aboard the black hearted barnicle and said "Full sail ahead and Battle stations" Jack follows on the Pearl, the barnicle attacks Queen anne's Revenge and set out the triple guns "Scrag Start firing the Grappling he says to his first mate" He yells "Barbossa, help me take the Queen Anne's Revenge and the Black hearted Barnicle will be yours" Jack then says " Draw their Fire men and Keep the cannons away from the Barnicle. Jack then Pulls out a Blunderbuss and shoots at the Queen anne's revenge, Long John Silver Swings over to the ship and engages Angelica in a duel and angelica does one False Step and she then got Stabbed by Long john silver's sabre and she fell over and then he takes the sword and says " I claim this ship and the sword and crew" and he shouts to the barnicle" Gentlemen Ship secure the Ship is ours and the Barnicle is yours barbossa but the crew is mine sail to tortuga to get your crew" the Crew of the barnicle Get aboard the Revenge" Jack then Looks at john says " there is your ship" and Jack Returns to the pearl and tells gibbs to head to the island of sky and land. The black pearl is sailing and Jack said " Gibbs where are we?" "Lost" he replies to jack. The ship travels through loads of fog and odd weather and they get out of it and they saw islands everywhere Jack Said the "Treasure isles" he smiled and then he sees the queen anne's revenge but with something different it had british sails, Jack said " He didn't" and Jack looked at gibbs and said the Queen annes Revenge has power, a power that My old mentor gave england and he turned privateer on us,Ragetti Pulled gibbs aside and asked "what does jack mean by mentor?" Gibbs Replied "a Pirate learns pirate from a great captain and becomes a captain himself jacks mentor is the famous Long john silver of the seven seas, Jack over saw from side lines alot of long john silver's adventures normally famous for being on the Black hearted barnicle, a ship that jack severed as cabin boy on, jack had came to these "treasured Isles with his master before they returned without treasure because treasure Isles almost made Captain silver consider Returning to the kings navy he reasured jack he wouldn't do that unless he had a powerful ship which the queen anne's revenge is" Ragetti looked at Gibbs and said " Long john silver is a man of principal but has indeed a need pirate Valor" Gibbs nodded and agreed . Jack Looked at Gibbs and said the destiny will make the pearl immune from being shrunk by the Revenge and then Gibbs smiled and said " Aye the wind will gain our support" Jack Commanded " raise battle stations full speed ahead we'll be doing this hang on everyone!" Cannons erupted Murtog Mullroy were at the cannons,Regetti and Cotton on the Muskets, Marti and Anna Maria were on the Blunderbuss guns, Jack ,gibbs and scrum went aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the crew the rest of the crew followed when the masts were down Jack's Crew grappled with Silver's crew Jack and Gibbs were Battling Silver , Jack said to silver look what became of you and Long john silver didn't respond, Jack continues to battle knowing him and his crew were immmune to the power of silvers ship and sword. Jack then gains the upper hand by then slicing sword outta Silver's hand and then Silver points his pistol at jack, Long john silver said " so it comes to this a pull of the trigger"and Gibbs said" so you think" gibbs Stabbs Silver and he Laughs and he said "jack didn't tell you, I'm not living nor dead Legendary pirates are immortal through reputation hard to kill and John Shoots Gibbs" Jack Then says"your going to wish you didn't do that" Jack pulls his sword out" silver Pulls Gibbs's sword out of his chest and duels jack with it, Jack then sees Ragetti on the pearl and gave jack the sign to move away from Silver, Ragetti fires the cannon and the Cannon ball hits Silver and he Says" jack you were a good Apprentice Good luck". Jack walks off the Queen anne's revenge and Says all Crew members be ready to fire and sink Gibbs was on jack's shoulder, Jack put gibbs on a cot jack walks out to a island and grabbed the treasure and got a map to the treasure of maine, Gibbs wakes up and says " so.. theres a map" jack had used the Destiny wheel to revive gibbs. Then Jack gave the command to sink the revenge and have the sword sink with it.

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