Jack Was studying the map and had been sailing for months and he had been depressed and Gibbs, cotton and Marti asked jack " what about the map?" jack then says well..., we are heading toward england to find the maine blueprints and Jack then thought to himself asking how to get into englands port,Jack, Cotton, Marti and ragetti were to take the uniforms of the crew on board the Asension and take the ship and dock at port, they got the uniforms on and gibbs was to watch the pearl along with scrum,garheng and ezeikiel. they pulled the asension into the port and then saw bootstrap except he was a privateer, the captain of the new york crossing the battle frigate and he heard king george you need to find the blue prints to the maine so we can build another super frigate and bootstrap then said "aye siree " Jack told the 3 others that accompanied him to mind the ascension Jack went into the Musem and saw the blue prints he retrieved them and put them in his hat and then before he left he was greeted by a zombified Long john silver he said "John!" he said "calipso sends me to make sure you get the maine i have the power to rise her from the depths you can use her to make the pearl better" jack said "aye?" Long john silver said " Lose the diguise jack and head back to the pearl i shall join your crew my firend under your command till you send me away" jack asked long john silver" can be returned to human form? " Long john silver said "aye with the hour glass of destiny" and they return to the pearl. Long john silver was walking on the pearl and strolled infront of pintell and ragetti, Ragetti whispers to Pintel " he smells like death" and Pintel says "aye", Long John silver goes to the helm and he sees the black hearted barnicle off the starboard bow jack then command all hands battlestations gibbs says "captain we have Leveridge" he holds the ship in the bottle of barbossa's ship the bearded lady, jack says "parley" barbossa u give up the black hearted barnicle to me and i'll give you this and shows him the bottle and barbossa says" It can't be i thought she sunk" jack then says your decision if you remove the hostilties from my ship and crew or you will lose her and he points his pistol at the bottle barbossa say"deal, we have an accord" he gives barbossa the bottle. Jack then given the Barnicle to anna maria because he owed her a ship, Jack then says "set sail to acension cove!" jack,marti cotton and Long john silver went ashore telling gibbs if the worst is to happen follow the code, Jack was sitting infront of the long boat and Jack says " i have the bronze sword to unlock the main the chart room and captain's quarters but they don't have a way into lower part of the ship jack sees a statue that is holding a key jack notices the statue isn't structurily sound,the statue falls when the jack wedges the shovel under the statue and Long john silver catches the key, jack then notices the key is translucent and they return to the pearl, and jack said" now all need is the compass to give me the heading" jack looks at the map and sees that it was in the far under acension cove bellow sea level it requires some swiming and then jack goes to dive into the water,he swims down and jack looks at the compass and it says to continue down ward and then he reaches the sublevel of the cove and he sees the maine and then long john walks through jack unlocks the door leading from main level gibbs and the crew walk through the cave door and says the maine is in the 4th sublevel they start walking through the caverns Gibbs says" captain the Maine is it as power ful as they say and jack says "aye, imagine double the speed of the pearl and twice as big the queen annes revenge" Gibbs said "aye?" and jack nodds pintel and ragetti looked at eachother and said"thats a big boat" they get their and jack tosses up the line and climbs up the line and Gibbs pintel, ragetti murtog and mullroy go aboard and jack unlocks the captain quarters and chart room and then tosses gibbs the key to the lower part of the ship and gibbs unlock the hatch and jack looks through the quaters says "wow, its a spectacular ship big it has the sunken look so looks more like a pirate ship and less like a navy vessel" Jack says" i cressin you the corupted dubloon . jack says" Rise her john, john get aboard and the tide shifts and shoots out a geyser and lands in next to the pearl jack says silver i'm giving you the pearl he goes to the helm of the dubloon jack tells everyone to get to work and he sees the pearl sail away and smiles and says bring me that horrizon.

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