jack sparrow is in a bar passed out in the bar, joshamee gibbs walks up to him hes says captain the dutchman is near the pearl then sparrow and gibbs go to the dutchmen, Captain William turner jr. says"jack you look great look you may have payed your debt by helping me but its not done i need your help something threatends the locker and this world, the treasure of the trade the gems control the wind and the ocean, barbossa has the sword,the crown of terra controlsthe land". Jack Sparrow agrees but he sees his former crew Pintel, Ragetti, Cotton and marti were on the dutchmen because they all died at sea, Sparrow said i want my old crew, Turner agrees and even sends bootstrap with him.

chapter 1

Gibbs and the crew were aboard the black pearl, in the distance he sees a un recognizable ship cahe saw the ships name Which was the scarlet avenger, he looks through his telescope and sees the captain is angelica, Sparrow tells the men to head to the west to tortuga they engage the scarlet and her crew ina ship to ship battle, Sparrow hops aboard the Scarlet and is greeted by angelica and her firstmate quater master he sees a undead james norrigton, at the helm and he pulls out his sword and duels her, he asks"why are you doing this for my father" he says ahh he pushes the quatermaster into the cannon and then the cannon fires and sparrow grabs the rope and goes flying to the pearl and says" gentlemen and the dearest angelica this is day where you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow" the crew finds the map in tortuga. the map said they had to go to kingshead island in a secret chamber that is unlocked with a shrucken head which jack actually got from his father captain teague and they had to get a tentacle from the kraken so he could get into the arch chamber.

chapter 2

Jack is on the beach on cammen isle looking for the kraken, Pintel and Ragetti were digging , Pintell says "your digging to to slow" Ragetti says" your digging to fast" and "Jack says both of you shut it!", angelica walks on to the beach and pulls out her sword and duels jack quatermaster looks at pintel and ragetti the grab they throw the shovels down on the sand and pulls out their swords they duel him and pintel gets sword hit out of his hand and bootstrap hits the quatermaster with a shovel, jack then kicks angelica down to the dirt and grabs the tentacle and runs toward the pearl ragetti bootstrap and pintell run the quatermaster attemps to shoot ragetti but pintell jumps in the way of the bullet and he falls over and says ragetti go and says " aye and runs toward the pearl" so when they get aboard they are greeted by long john silver jacks eyes got wide" the captain i served under long silver of the black hearted barnicle how did you survive the typhoon" sea turtles jacky" he says Long john silver tells his crew to take the crew to the brig leave jack and himself on the Pearl.

Jack had the tentacle he hid it in the pearl, Long john silver said "jack theres a treasure" he says "i kno" Long john rebutles not that one "the wheel jacky it is the steering wheel of a ship it controls the space time continuam you can save people from death with this attach to your ship and you can even change someone's fate "these gems you look for are just nothin compared to this and then they get to the barnicle and will says " John i thought you died how did you escape the locker" "calypso" he says "will gets his sword out and points it at Long John silver he says time to go silver" will and long john silver duel across the barnicle, jack then gets between will and long john silver he says i can't let you do that william, will looks at jack and rolls his eyes and threatends to shoot him, he says step aside jack you don't need the wheel, jack hits the pistol outta wills hand and will and jack duel on the barnicle jack gained the upper hand when will's back was to the edge of the ship, jack then shoots will and will falls off the ship,knowing that wouldn't do anything he tells Long john silver that he will meet him in tortuga they shake hands and go there seperate ways.

chapter 3

Jack was at kingshead since it was a english stronghold he had to jump into the ocean and enter through the storm drain meanwhile the crew and Gibbs were in the brig of the barnicle they asked captain silver to go to kingshead they chart a course to kingshead but they were attacked by the scarlet's revenge Angelica swing over Long john silver free the pearls crew into the long boat and tells em to go to kingshead and says he'd be along shortly, Long john silver goes to engage the crew and angelica and then the scarlet's crew takes over the ship.Angelica was dueling long john silver, she hits the sword out of his hand and say where is sparrow? then the queens anne's revenge fires on and sinks the scarlet avenger she yells to the crew aboard the barnicle to throw the barnicle's crew and captain in the brig barbossa swings aboard the Barnicle and he duels angelica and cuts her hand of and puts her in the brig of the barnicle.

Barbossa sailed to fort kingshead he sees the pearl and sends scrum and eziekiel to the pearl and along with the cabin boy and barbossa dives down to the storm drain, Jack punch the cover of the drain off and a water geyser shoots him up ward he lands on the floor and brushes him self off and walks into the fort he see a trap door he opens it and walks down and he sees water and arrow reading treasure he dives down, meanwhile gibbs and the crew get to the pearl and gibbs get to the helm he sees a note from jack saying " pull the ship up to the treasure cove on the far side of kingshead,a whirlpool opened up behind them and scrum eziekiel walked under water toward the pearl the undead pirates got aboard the pearl gibbs said mates look jack is getting treasure first hes at the cove barbossa just got into the drain, You see whose gonna win the treasure Scrum and Eziekiel join the Black pearl's Crew, Jack has the chest with the treasure of the trade and he has the destiny wheel as well he looks and sees the pearl he throws the chest on the boat and the bring up the wheel and puts it on the ship wheel and changes the fate of angelica she got her hand back and became the new captain of the black hearted barnicle. Long john silver got on the black pearl and told jack that the gems being activated will bring about a new captain of the dutchmen named black elliot he will try to kill will, so they need to go after the Black hearted barnicle and save will.

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