i don't own anything titles names or character disney owns all credit goes to them.

chapter 1

40 years ago , Long John Silver was sailng on the sea with the map to the destiny wheel black elliot his first mate organized a mutiny with, the gun master duston, the quatermaster scrag and the cannon men Bluebeard, so each one who particpated got a different fate Bluebeard got crushed by the ships heaviest cannon, Scrag got blinded and got sentenced to guard marine caverns, duston got the anchor tied to him and thrown over board ,Black Elliot his being got sealed away in gems in the treasure of the trade, the treasure of the trade got thrown into marine cave for 4 years and then tooken by the britsh to port royal and then moved for safety to the cove undernieth kingshead there it remained there for the next 40 years it is said if he is freeed he will captain those who were damned and or killed at sea to take the place of he who captains the flying dutchmen, the captain of the dutchmen will get his heart back and be free.

Present day

Black Elliot has been freeed he is in port royal seeking the flying dutchmen, Jack sparrow was in disguise of a pirate aboard the black hearted barnicle and long john silver was disguised as a dead pirate in the brig he jack talks to the crew about how undesirable captain angelica is, so then long john silver lets mutiny her!.

chapter 2

they ship angelica out to sea with only a pistol with a single shot, that morning that heard a shot and a scream jack smiled and the black hearted barnicle goes to meet up with the black pearl at tortuga, jack get back to the pearl and they see the dutchmen and then will thanx him for getting the treasure for him and tells him to see if he can find elizabeth with the destiny wheel, he did but she notice she was roaing out to the pearl he says hide the rumm and then shes comes about and gives the chest to will says protect a monster has attacked port royal looking for the heart and you and will frowns and kisses elizabeth and tells her that he has to go, they hugged and kissed and jack thinks about angelica and how she died , and he noticed she was on the dutchmen, he ran on to the dutchmen and asked will for that favor that he got for finding the treasure so he requested angelica's freedom will knew what was happening jack loved her and he agreeed will released her and angelica then hugged her for convicing will, jack then said he would try to find the queen anne's revenge and barbossa she agrees to join black pearl's crew, they go to port royal and find that town was destroyed by black elliot, Black Elliot flees and then long john silver and his ship go after him and jack then goes after the queen anne's revenge, he followed her he saw it and angelica warned jack that barbossa could shrink the pearl with the sword so he had a idea and told gibbs to take the pearl to singapore and meet him at tortuga, angelica disguised herself as a pirate looking for a crew and jack as a queen anne's revenge pirate.

chapter 3

the mutiny happened at sunset angelica took the sword and took control of the ship, she Said "thank you sparrow i love you". angelica says give me that horrizon and sailed into the green flash jack saw the ship go into the flash and disapeared. a tear came to jacks face and he was confused and he told gibbs to brace the horrizon isle de frelcer, Barbossa then strikes a deal with will to raise the Lady Bride, he painted it and puts a metal bow , he renamed it the bearded lady and went to tortuga.

Chapter 4

at Isle de Frelcer jack saw Black Elliot in his sea beast form and he had will in his hand Jack said all hands on cannons and all the cannon balls hit Black Elliot he returns to normal and he duels jack and then jack then see black elliot's Gem he says oh so if i shoot this you die ok jack shoots it and black elliot falls and Lays there and a Map falls out of Elliot's hat. The Map was to a Island of gold.

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