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Jack was on the pearl he had been depressed for months his mentor Long John silver had betrayed him, Gibbs marti and cotton aproached him , Cotton's parrot said "what about map" Gibbs says "aye captain what about the map?" Jack says " Mates with long john silver betraying us makes me question the pirates life" and Gibbs says " Black hearted barnicle is in attack position, Jack Says " he knows we have the map engage the ship all battlestations now mates get off your buts i want the treasure!" Jack then Brings the ship around he fires on the barnicle Gibbs says" captain i have present Call parley" Gibbs shows jack the ship in the bottle that has the bearded lady Barbossa's old ship he says "parley and barbossa goes to the pearl, i want the Black heart barnicle and i will give you this gibbs throws the ship in the bottle in the water and the ship resizes.

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