Pistol Whipped Part II, or Parte Pistola Látigo Dos: El Festival de Sangre Continúa is an upcoming action-exploitation comedy film written and directed by Greg Garcia and produced by Francesco de Liveri. The film is a direct sequel to Pistol Whipped (2010). The film began filming in early 2011 and is scheduled to be released on August 13th 2012.


The second film focuses primarily on Rodrigo "Pistol" Muertios seeking revenge for the betrayal of Carlos Chincolados, once again with the help of some familiar faces and some new additions. Garcia has confirmed the film will resolve the story, and will feature a few surprises.


  • James Garofino as Rodrigo "Pistol" Muertios
  • Andrejo Bajidjia as Carlos Chincolados
  • Kristina Chiuku as Kitty Dagger
  • Danny Dieuwicz as Charles Chip Chidos
  • Tim Ashley as Hellcat Johnny


After the success of Pistol Whipped, director Greg Garcia mentioned plans to direct a sequel at the preview of his other film, Brad the Impaler on February 12th 2011. He confirmed that a second film would happen shortly after, and James Garofino announced his involvement, as well as Andrejo Bajidjia and Kristina Chiuku.

Filming began in January 2011, and was kept quiet until Garcia announced the film a few months later. The film will be shot using many of the sets and locations as its predecessor, and the entirety of the crew are returning for the second film. Garcia also confirmed that Francesco de Liveri, once again acting as producer, is a frequent visitor on set and offers his opinion on the film.

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