Writers Daniel Smith, Devon Pangburn, Anthony Cornejo, Micah Moyer
Editors Devon Pangburn
Distributors John Sarver
Advisers Heath Smith
Type Book series
Genres Fictional Autobiography/Diary, Fiction, Science Fiction, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Supernatural

Plague is a book series being written by Daniel Smith.


Smith began on the Plague series when he was in 6th grade. Currently, he is in 9th grade, and he is reviewing the grammar, spelling, and layout of each book. He began with notebook paper for the rough drafts, then proffesional notebook paper, then typing.

Devon Pangburn has co-written many of the books, often helping Smith with names for the enemies, characters, and other important things. After Plague: Rebirth, Pangburn began writing his own book series called "Olympus Rising".

The series is a mix of the science fiction, horror, drama, and thriller genres. The first book in the series, Plague, focusses more on the dramatic effect than horror, while the other four entries are classified as horror and thriller.

Each book is written in diary format from the the point-of-view of adult Daniel Smith. There are no chapters in the books, but a new entry is noticed when there is a blank line between the entries. Each entry explains what happened each day.

Smith plans to adapt the book series into a game.


The series contains six canonical books, each of them ranging from 100-120 pages in length (Microsoft Word pages). They are as follows:

  • Plague - Plague is the first book in the series. This book tells the story of Smith's journey across the plagued United States, starting from South Dakota and ending at Maine. Along the way, Smith meets survivors of the plague, and they help him along his way.
  • Plague: Overrun - Plague: Overrun is the second book in the series. This book picks up two years after Smith was rescued by Canadian commandos in Plague. By this time, he had joined the Canadian Special Forces and was fighting to prevent the now-totally plagued United States. This book is where Hemophages (the primary antagonist enemies) are introduced.
  • Plague: Below - Plague: Below is the third book in the series. It picks up six months after Plague: Below, and the major countries (Canada, Australia, Britian, Russia, China, Germany) of the world have constructed gigantic underwater cities in order to flee from the plague above, which has now spread all over the world. This book focusses on Smith and a team of Marines who go to investigate an abandoned Russian submarine port. Hemophages have adpated to aquatic conditions by sprouting gills and flippers.
  • Plague: Aftermath - Plague: Aftermath is the fourth book in the series. It picks up two months after the major nations of the world launched super-nukes, which completely devestated Earth's oceans and lands, turning everthing into a desert. Smith and a team of Expeditionary Marines and scientists are sent to locate any possible living areas that remain on the Earth. Hemophages have adapted to the desert in the form of wings.
  • Plague: Extinction - Plague: Extinction is the fifth book in the series. Plague: Extinction takes place one and half months after the entire human race has been on the verge of extinction. At this time, Smith, and his only remaining squad mate, Devon Pangburn, have been wondering the desert for weeks looking for any signs of civilization. At the end of the book (which is over a two year period) only several hundred humans remain, as they either died from lack of food/water, extreme heat, or Hemophages.
  • Plague: Rebirth - Plague: Rebirth is the sixth and final canonical book in the series. This book, Smith and Pangburn locate human civilization in what used to be Africa. Smith and Pangburn are sent on one final mission; locate and safely bring back Dr. Edward Leichen, who is rumored to have in his possession of a utility sent by God that could reverse the effects of the plague.

As stated above, there are six canonical books in the series. However, there are also two non-canonical books. They are as follows:

  • Plague in Space - Plague in Space takes place after the events of Plague: Rebirth. At this time, the utility that Dr. Leichen had reversed the terrible things that had happened to the Earth. However, a flaw in the utility caused the plague to be unleashed once again, and humanity fled to the safety of Outer Space. This book follows Micah Moyer, a Space Marine whose cargo ship becomes infested with Hemophages. Smith has said: "I wanted nothing to do with this monstrosity. It was written by my friend Micah Moyer. He said he 'wanted to extend the realms of Plague'. Yeah, what bullshit that was!".
  • Plague: Hell - Plague: Hell follows Smith after he dies and goes to Hell. He must fight his way from the lower levels of Hell to the upper sanctuary of Heaven. Smith has said: "I wrote this installment more for fun."

Smith has cancelled a total of three installments. The reasons of their cancellment varries. The books are as follows:

  • Plague: Brainwashed - Plague: Brainwashed would have taken place after Plague: Rebirth. It would have followed Smith on a journey to find out the origins of the plague. As the story unfolds, Smith comes to find out that had developed the virus himself, unleashed it, and was brainwashed by the Illuminati. Smith has said: "Personally, I felt like this was a good idea. But my friends and supporters didn't like the idea of the heroic character in the series to turn out to be the bad guy."
  • Plague: Undone - Plague: Undone would have picked up a year after Plague: Rebirth. The effects of the utility given by God are somehow reversed, and the world is reverted back to the time frame of Plague: Below. Smith has said: "I liked this idea, but my fans didn't like the idea of time travel and redux. They said: 'So everything is reversed and we have to read, basically, a re-written form of Extinction, Aftermath, and Rebirth?'. So, I cancelled it."
  • Plague 0 - Plague 0 follows the story of Dr. Jesse Jameson, the creator of the virus. The story explains how the virus was made and the intentions of it. Smith has said: "I cancelled this cause I thought it was totally boring!".
  • Finally, Devon and Daniel had made a form in which they were underly effected by the spreading virus, and it transformed them into superhuman beings now able to physically contend with the Hemophages. Later this was name "Plague: Juggernaut", but was cancelled after Devon went on to a different school.

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