PlayStation 3 Racing is kart racing video game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Playable Characters

Returning Characters

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Coco Bandicoot
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Hunter the Cheetah
  • Jak
  • Daxter
  • Keira
  • Ratchet
  • Clank
  • Sly Cooper
  • Kratos
  • Cole MacGrath

New Characters

  • Brodie Buchanan (Scott and Alison's teenage son and the main hero of the game)
  • Teila Richards (Brodie's first girlfriend)
  • Jaxon Harris (Brodie's friend)
  • Jaimi-Lee Buchanan (Brodie's sister and Scott and Alison's daughter)
  • Matthew Lloyd (Brodie's first boyfriend)
  • Georgia Turmull (Brodie's second girlfriend)
  • Kenny Harris (Brodie's stepfather)
  • Alison Buchanan (Brodie's mother)
  • Jordan Hart (Brodie's second boyfriend)
  • Jaxon Bosworth (Brodie's first rival)
  • Phillip Yeo (Brodie's second rival)
  • Scott Buchanan (Brodie's enemy father and the main villain of the game)

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