Play With Fire Chapter 1: Ignite Danikha's story.

Flashback "Yo Firecracker, where you going?" Danikha ran faster. She had to get away from Isaac. This gang wasn't her life anymore. Tripping over her feet, the small girl lay on the ground, breathing hard. "Firecracker, you can't be running. You're not running are you? 'Cause there's only one way out of here, and it's in a box." Dani screamed as the twisted face of her ex-boyfriend loomed over her. "Go away, Isaac. I'm not coming back." And she grabbed her bag from the ground, kicked Isaac in the face, and ran to the bus station.

Sitting in a seat, Dani stared at a man with long blonde hair. He looked familiar, but from where? She listened as he talked into his phone. "Hey Shawn, it's me. I need to talk to you about Hell in a Cell. I don't think that Cena and Orton are going to make it to the autograph signing." Holy crap, it's Triple H. Dani swallowed her apprehension and tapped the man on the shoulder. "Hang on Shawn. What's up, kid?" "My name is Danikha Lee. I know that you're the COO of WWE, and I was wondering if I could possibly audition for a spot on your roster." Hunter looked the slim girl over. "I'll call you back, Shawn." And he folded the phone in half. "You want a spot with the WWE? Can you fight?" "Got a computer?" Hunter pulled his laptop out of his bag as Dani pulled the disc of her fights from hers. Placing the movie in the drive, Dani clicked on the file named My Life in Fighting. "Hi! I'm Danikha Lee, and if you're watching this, it means I just asked you for a spot in the WWE. My favorite wrestlers are DX, Brothers of Destruction, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, and Edge. I base my moves off of those wrestlers, and I love to fight." The video switched to a clip of her on the trampoline as she jumped and hit a man with a flying clothesline. She then rolled him up and pinned him. "I so beat you, Orion." Then came a clip of her wrestling a much larger man. Dani was dressed in a pair of red and black leather pants, and a red midriff top. She hit her opponent with a clothesline, then tombstoned him and picked up a win. "This is you?" "Yes sir. That video was taken just before my dad died. Three weeks later, he got shot and I joined the Riders. They were a local gang. I was only in for two years, sir, and I joined at the age of seventeen. I will not let my past affect me, and I fight to win. This is my dream, sir." Hunter thought for a moment. "I like your style, kid. Tell you what, you get off with me, and we'll talk." Danikha Lee grinned. "Yes sir."

Present day Glen Jacobs was sitting in his locker room, trying to focus before his match against Randy Orton. He was already dressed in his black and red pants. All of a sudden, Hunter came in. "Kane, I need to talk to you." "What's up, Hunter?", he asked as a girl with bright red hair and white highlights walked in. "Thank you so much, Mr. Levesque." "Kid, what did I say?" "Sorry," the girl smirked. "Thanks, Hunter. I appreciate this match." Kane was confused. "Hunter?" "Oh, sorry. Kane, this is our newest Superstar, Danikha Lee. Dani this is-" "Kane, also known as Glen Jacobs, or the Big Red Monster," Dani said with a grin. "It's nice to finally meet you, Kane." "You too, Danikha. Hunter?" Kane got up as Hunter motioned him outside. "What the hell? She's only sixteen, Hunter. And why did you bring her to me anyway?" Hunter sighed. "You're one of her favorite wrestlers, Kane. And I need someone to show her the ropes. Andy's got Phil and Mark for that, and so I'm recruiting you to help Dani until she knows the way. And by the way, Dani is actually nineteen." Rubbing his neck, the large man closed his eyes. How could he show a nineteen-year-old girl how to wrestle? "I'll give you whatever you want, Kane. Dani can't figure this out by herself." "Fine," Kane groaned. "But I want a heel turn, Hunter." "Deal."

Dani pulled on her red boots, pumped for her match. She really admired Lita, and was excited to get the chance to work with the older woman. Kane walked into the room as she was bent over, lacing up. He stood in the doorway, looking the small girl up and down. She wasn't fat, but not skinny either. Her muscles were very defined, as if she'd fought before. Kane let his eyes rest on her small waist, before catching himself. She's nineteen. Too young. But so very beautiful, isn't she? Shut up. Too young for me. They have to be over eighteen, my friend. Make her yours. The gasoline to your fire. No. I'm too old for her.Desperate to quiet the fight in his head, Kane cleared his throat. "Dani?" The girl jumped. "Holy Satan! You scared the hell out of me, Kane." Kane chuckled as he moved closer to her. "Can you help me? I can't get this damn thing to tighten," Dani grumbled. "Sure." He sat next to her as she put her foot on his leg. "Ready for your match against Lita?" "Hell yes. And look, I'll go easy on her since she's your girlfriend and all, okay?" Kane froze and stared at Dani. "I'm joking, big guy. I know she ain't your girl. Too much of a slut to keep her legs closed." As he finished lacing up her boot, Glen laughed. "That she is, Danikha." Her boot tied, Dani stood up and offered a hand. "I'm ready to kick some ass." Kane followed the new Superstar out to the gorilla. "She likes to fight dirty, so be careful." Dani grinned. "She fights dirty? Ha. Bitch hasn't seen dirty yet." As Burn It to the Ground by Nickleback began to play, Dani gave Kane a small wave and ran down the rope. Kane watched as she slid into the ring, brought her arms up with devil horns, and threw them down as the ring posts burst into flames. His eyes widened. She really was a fan, after all.

Dani did the move on impulse. Lita smirked, and Danikha performed a running clothesline. Bouncing off the ropes, she bolted to the turnbuckle, flashed identical devil horns, and did a flying clothesline, which she turned into a rollup pin that won her the match. Burn It to the Ground blared again, and Dani grabbed a mic. "My name is Pyro!" The crowd cheered, and she grinned. "You like that? Well here's a little more fun for ya. I'm the newest superstar to hit the roster, and as you all can probably tell, fire is my element. Now, for those of you who are questioning my move before the match, which looked mysteriously like a certain fire-obsessed man's, it is. I just paid a little tribute to my favorite wrestler. And my signature move? I call it Play With Fire. I'm Satan's favorite daughter, and I can kick ass. If there's anyone out there who wants a fight, come and get it. I never back down." Slow Chemical began to echo as Kane walked down the ramp. His face was contorted in anger, but Dani could tell that it was just for the cameras. His eyes were proud. "Pyro? You call yourself Pyro? How very interesting," he growled. "What's so interesting about it, oh Monsterous One? It's the word for fire, and that's exactly what I bring to every fight. Nobody can take away my will to win." "How touching, Pyro. But I'm not here to talk fire. I want to know why you're stealing my moves. My clothesline, my fiery ringposts, my entire being. I could take you down for it." Dani stepped closer to the big man, and smirked. "Bring it, Devil's Favorite." Kane drew his hand back as if to punch her, then grabbed her wrist and raised it. "I like you, Pyro. You remind me of myself. So I'll make you an offer." "And what would that be?" "Join me. I could use someone with your talents, your experience. What do you say, Pyro?" Dani grinned and brought the mic to her lips. "Where in Satan's name do I sign?"

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