Pokémon is an upcoming 2012 Live action film adaptation of the Pokémon franchise. It is the first ever live action film for the franchise and its directed by Talix. It stars Matt Lanter as a Pokémon trainer trying to become a master trainer and in order to do so he have to win badges and collect Pokémon to enter the tournament. However a shady organization will try everything in their power to make sure the creatures are extinct. It also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lucas Black, Sebastian Stan, Gary Oldman, Arnold Vosloo, Eva Mendes, Jason Isaacs, Sienna Miller, and the voices of Robert Foxworth, Rachel Lillis, Tara Strong, and Mark Ryan. It is set for a July 2012 release in screen theatres and IMAX theatres.

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Ten years ago in a world full of humans, an overzealous researcher, Professor Oak (Gary Oldman) tries to find a great discovery and then when all hope is lost, a weird epiphany brings him to contact fascinating creatures known as Pokémon. For years, Oak have studied these creatures and deem that the world is not only inhabiting by humans anymore, but these “pocket monsters” have settle into their society; he soon creates two new devices—pokeballs and a pokedex-- in order to control and understand them better. Now when a young trainer, Brendan (Matt Lanter), realizes his dream of being someone else, he gets mentor by Oak to use the machinery and offers him a chance to participate in the Kanto League Championship. So Brendan accepts the offer, but he realizes he needs only eight badges, and he begins his quest to obtain them along with meeting new friends, Brock (Lucas Black) and Misty (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), in the process. Even though Oak, Brendan, and some others have adapted to the creatures a little bit, there are still humans who desired to experiment on them or others who want to destroy them; one of these anti-Pokémon figures is a shadowy organization, who attempts to do just that. With the organization attempting to do whatever they can to protect the Human race from these creatures, it will probably spark a war within the Human race and the Pokémon race and Brendan is stuck in the middle. He must decide to continue his destiny as a Pokémon trainer, or rid the world of them for good. Nevertheless, he will encounter wild Pokémon, challenging trainers, a shot to become not only the title of Kanto League Champion but as the Best Trainer of the World. However, he must choose…save the Pokémon race or stop them…once he get his first poke ball his destiny has already begin, the only thing is that he is the only one to fulfill it.




The Poké Balls will be designed exactly similar to the normal red top and white bottom containers seen in the anime, series, and games. The Pokédex, which will show all the Kanto region Pokémon, will be drastically different then shown on the series; it will a dark red cellphone with a blue sphere on the cover.






  • Matt Lanter as Brendan: Pokemon trainer who dreams of becoming a Master trainer.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Misty: Brendan’s other traveling partner who he first meets in Cerulean City and was his second gym leader.
  • Lucas Black as Brock: Owner of the Boulder Badge; he is the first gym leader Brendan meets, and after the battle he eventually becomes his traveling partner.
  • Sebastian Stan as Jay Oak: Brendan’s rival and Professor Oak’s grandson.
  • Team Shadow
    • Eva Mendes as Jessie: She is very sly and seductive when captures innocent Pokémon and crosses path with Brendan and his friends; she is partner with James.
    • Arnold Vosloo as James: He is cold and manipulative. Leader of the squad sent from their “Boss”; he is partner with Jessie.
    • Jason Isaacs as “The Boss” Giovanni: Mastermind behind the operation and the organization. He is owner of the last badge, the Earth badge.
    • John Glover as Professor Sebastion: A conniving scientist who uses nanotechnology to see what makes Pokemon such dangerous creatures.
  • Gary Oldman as Professor Oak: Professor who first discovered the Pokemon and he train Brendan to take part of a tournament ten years later.
  • Lynda Carter as Susan: Lynda plays Brendan’s mom. She will have some short scenes in the film.
  • Sienna Miller as Officer Jenny: She patrols the Kanto region. She tries to stop the shadowy organization from their dirty deeds, but always get angry when they escape.
  • Jenny McCarthy as Nurse Joy: She is quirky and wildly; and is the caretaker of the injured Pokemon and heals them at various Pokemon centers across the region.
  • Ellen Page as Daisy Oak: She is Professor Oak’s granddaughter and Jay’s younger sister.
  • Amanda Seyfried as Gabby; sister of Ty's; they are trainers the gang meets in a city during a gym battle.
  • Vincent Kartheiser as Ty; a pair of sibling trainers the gang meets in a city.
  • Kanto gym leaders
    • Christopher Lee as Lt. Surge: A paranoid American war veteran who owns the Thunder badge.
    • Rachel McAdams as Erika: A Japanese collector and owner of the Rainbow badge.
    • Paul McGillion as Koga: Professor in poisons, he is the owner of the Soul badge.
    • Rachel Nichols as Sabrina: Expert in the Psychic types, she is the owner of the Marsh badge.
    • Tyler Perry as Blaine: Master of the fire types; he has a volcano lair and owns the seventh badge, the Volcano badge.
  • Tia Mowry as Lorelei: She is the co-leader of Kanto’s Elite Four.
  • Vinnie Jones as Bruno: The other co-leader and one of Kanto’s Elite Four.
  • Tahyna Tozzi as Agatha: Another one of the Elite Four Brendan faces in the tournament.
  • Joe Manganiello as Lance: The last member of the Elite Four.
  • Mickey Rourke is cast in an unnamed role, but some sources has say this role will have an integral part in the conflict. Erica Durance, Sophia Bush, and Blake Lively plays Misty’s sisters, Daisy, Lily and Violet, respectively. Bruce Willis has a cameo role as Brock’s father, Flint; Lucy Lawless also has a cameo role and plays Brock’s mother Lola. Dustin Milligan plays Richie, another friend Brendan meets on the road.


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