Pooh and Mickey vs Pinky and Brain is the third episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Plot

It is Winter in the 100 Acre Wood. Pinky and The Brain are sent by their new mysterious boss to take over the world. They went to the Stone Aged Castle.

Other Creatures in the forest give each other messages about The Duo plotting to take over. So - They told Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse the same thing. The heroes set off to find Pinky and Brain.

They had found them outside on the castle rooftops and confront them. However - Pooh slipped away and landed safely onto another edge. Brain and Pinky decided to finish Mickey off. But Mickey clobbered both of them by sending them falling into a river. Little did he know that the two survived the fall and their mission is failed. Mickey finds Pooh and are both satisfied that They had saved The 100 Acre Wood.

  • Triva

  • This is the second episode to feature Mickey Mouse (Although He first appeared in The Great Animal).

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