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July 1, 2011

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Where the Beach Rose

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Reverend Jackson's Prediction

Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, Barnabé Ricard, Marthe Ricard, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard

Also Featuring: Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Kurt Twombly, Judge Lewis, Chief Howard, Suzy


Main Plot: Jerrick is riding through the streets of Rose Beach, Florida in his car, smoking a joint, when he is pulled over by Chief Howard, the chief of police in Rose Beach, Florida. Jerrick immediately attempts to cover up the odor of the marijuana in his car but Chief Howard smells it anyway. Jerrick then speeds off and hits Suzy and then a telephone pole. Jerrick is arrested, taken to court, and charged with possession of an illegal substance. Jerrick is taken to the city jail to serve his term. While in jail he meets the Ricards who are a family of French American burgulars. The burgulars and Jerrick then agree to help each other break out of jail but Officer Howard is listening and he tells them that they will have to take their punishments. Jerrick sticks his tongue out at Officer Howard who then tazes him. Jerrick and the Ricard family then try a variety of tactics to escape from the jail cell and a montage follows. Every attempt to escape is foiled by Chief Howard who usually spots Jerrick's screw ups. Eventually while Jerrick is alseep the Ricard family escapes from jail and leaves Jerrick alone. The family returns to the Grandcenter Apartments where they discover Nick conflicting with Matt and Kat. The next morning Jerrick awakes to discover that the Ricard family is gone and that he is still in jail. Officer Howard then mocks him by saying that he allowed the Ricard family to escape and leave him because he simply did not like Jerrick. Jerrick is forced to remain in jail for several months and eventually returns home. Upon entering the Grandcenter Apartment building he runs into Barnabé Ricard who pretends not to remember him. Jerrick then punches Barnabé and continues to his apartment. Inside of the apartment Nick is watching television and says hey to Jerrick who then realizes that Nick was unaware that he had been gone for months.

Sub Plot: Nick is sitting back at home in the apartment looking in the Rose Beach Gazette for a job when suddenly he is smashed in the head with a ball. Standing in his doorway are Matt Baker and his pet anthromorphic cat named Kat. Nick is enraged by the duo's intrusion and kicks them out of his apartment. When sitting back down Nick discovers that the two are still in his room and are now staring at him. Nick grabs the two and throws them out of the window, only to discover that they are still in the room. Nick then asks them why are they bothering him. Matt replies that they were only bothering him because he was home. Matt and Kat then dissapear which leaves Nick to formulate a plan to get rid of the duo. Throughout the rest of the day Matt and Kat reappear and attempt to annoy Nick because they are bored. Nick tries a variety of tactics to scare the duo away, even dressing up as Freddy Krueger. Eventually while Matt and Kat are alone in Nick's apartment, Nick jumps out and says "hi" which finally scares the two away. Matt and Kat then run into Kurt Twombly who they mistake as a teletubby.


  • The song Jerrick is listening at the beginning of the episode is Nuthin' But a G Thang by rapper Dr. Dre.
  • When Nick asks Matt and Kat why they were bothering him, Matt replies because he was home which was a quote from the movie The Strangers. This is also ironic because Matt and Kat were complete strangers to Nick at the time as well.
  • In an attempt to scare Matt and Kat, Nick dresses up as Freddy Krueger afterwards Matt and Katt then agree that Nightmare on Elm Street was one of their favorite movie series.
  • Matt and Kat mistake Kurt Twombly for a teletubby.
  • A random girl appears and sings the song Baby by Justin Bieber before Jerrick crashes his car into a telephone pole.


Main Article: Possession/Quotes


  • The episode reveals that Jerrick owns a black 1980 Chervolet Monte Carlo.
  • The episode debuts Jerrick's marijuana habits.
  • The episode was made to show that the producers of the series do not condone the usage of drugs even though Jerrick does.
  • Nick never finds out that Jerrick was arrested or even notices that he has been gone.

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