(Officer Howard pulls over Jerrick for driving through the streets wrecklessly.)

Chief Howard: "Sir is that cannabis that you are smoking?"

Jerrick: "No it's a blow pop!"

Chief Howard: "Sir step out of the vehicle."

Jerrick: "Forget this I'm late for my ultrassom!"

Chief Howard: "What?"

(Jerrick then stomps of the gas petal of his car and hits Suzy.)

Jerrick: Oh would you look at that, it's a little girl.

Suzy: Ah!

Jerrick: Oh would you look at that, it's a telephone pole.

Chief Howard: No it's Justin Bieber! Yeah it's a telephone pole you idiot

Random Fan Girl: Justin Bieber where?

Random Fan Girl's Daughter: Baby baby baby oooooh!

Chief Howard: They don't pay me enough for this and I'm sure quality music doesn't either!

(Jerrick's car then collides with the telephone pole then he is ejected through the windshield. Jerrick then flies into a nearby brick wall.)

(Jerrick has just been locked up in the Rose Beach City Jail with the Ricard family.)

Chief Howard: Have fun kid your going to spend the next nine months in jail.

Jerrick: I'm going to miss my baby being born!

Chief Howard: Hey! I thought you were pregnant!

Jerrick: Huh?

Chief Howard: You said earlier that you were late for your ultrassom.

Jerrick: Oh yeah...about that.

(Suddenly from within Jerrick a baby can be heard crying.)

Jerrick: Is this going to add on any extra charges?

Chief Howard: No but I'll have to call animal control services...this is going to be strange.

(Nick confronts Matt and Kat in his apartment about why they are bothering him.)

Nick: Why do you two keep bothering me!

Matt: Because you were home.

(Jerrick falls asleep and the Ricard family decide to escape from prison without him.)

Barnabé: Finally! The imbeecile is asleeep! Riiicardssss it's timeeee for our eeeescapeeee!

Marthe: Honey your being melodramatic again.

Barnabé: Shut up woman you know thiiiiissss is like seeex to meeee!

Anne-Elisabeth: Did daddy get into the pills again?

Marthe: Yes baby and I did too.

(Barnabé then looks at Chief Howard who is fast asleep. The Ricard family then climbs through the air vents and escapes from prison.)

(The next morning Jerrick awakens to discover the Ricard family gone.)

Jerrick: Where are they!

Chief Howard: They escaped.

Jerrick: You let them.

Chief Howard: Yup.

Jerrick: Why?

Chief Howard: Because I just don't like you.

Jerrick: Yeah...I don't like you either.

(The sound of a baby crying inside of Jerrick can be heard.)

(Nine months after his arrest, Jerrick returns home to the apartment.)

Nick: 'Sup Jerrick.

Jerrick: What the hell do you mean 'sup! I've been gone for nine months.

Nick: Really! I didn't notice.

Jerrick: What's on television.

Nick: The news.

Jerrick: You've just ruined by first day out.

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