Harry Potter. Harry Potter, the ignored son of James and Lily Potter, is sorted into Ravenclaw. He is an outcast, until he makes friends with Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood. Harry/Ginny

Before First Year

Harry Potter was in Potter Manor, in the Library. As usual. Harry heard his mother and father talking. They did not know he was in the library with him.

"What should we give Holly for her birthday", came Lily Potter's voice.

"An broomstick. She is as good as me", came the reply of James Potter.

"A broomstick it is. Maybe we should get her a pet, maybe an kitten".

"No, not an kitten. A owl. I saw an snowy owl the other day".

"Yes, that way, she would be one of the people who keep 'normal' pets".

Harry knew what they were talking about. Harry had gotten an kitten in his seventh birthday. He had named it Ginger, and Siruis, his godfather, was the one who gave him the cat.

Infact, the only ones who cared about him was Siruis and his wife, Patricia Brown a muggle, and the two house elfs Ding and Brownie.

Ding and Brownie were happily married, and Brownie was pregnant. James was raging to say the least, and had fired Brownie.

Brownie bursted into unexpected tears, and even Ding resigned. They had turned up at Siruis and Patirica's house, along with Patricia's daughter Lavendar.

"What should we get Harry", Lily asked.

"Nothing, maybe a pair of shoes. That's what he deserves".

"Yeah", Lily agreed.

Refusing to cry, Harry got up, and sneaked out of the library. He rushed to his room, when he heard Holly Rose Potter braging stuff to their neighbor, Partival Partil.

Harry went inside his room and closed the door. He saw Ginger lying on the bed, sleaping. Harry smiled. He cared for Ginger.

He reached out for the bookcase he kept and picked up an mugglebook by Stephen King. He started to read the book.

Harry was an smart boy for the age of Eleven. He spoke Parseltounge, was an natrual occlumency. Parseltounge was the ability to talk to snakes.

No one knew, but Harry kept a snake. Well, Ding and Brownie knew, and promised Harry not to tell anyone. The snake was called Fire.

Fire was one of his compainons, other words friends. Harry kept Fire in the closet, althouh it was once in an while when he let Fire out.

He put the book down and opened the closet. "Hellooo Fireeee", Harry hissed. "Helllo Massster Harrry", Fire hissed back.

"Hoooww manny timmess, calll meee Harrrry, nooottt Massster".

"Assss youuuu wisssh, Massster".

Harry bursted out laughing. "Dooo yooou wannnt to gooo toooo Hogggwarts", Harry hissed. "

Yessss, buuutt hooowww willl you gettt meeee innn", the snake hissed.

"I willll geettt Dinnng orrrr Brownnie".

Harry closed the closet door,

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