Power Rangers

Power Rangers Omega

Power Rangers: Omega Force is the title for the fanmade 2010 season of Power Rangers. It was created by DNovaKnight, Ayasato-chan, and Double c4. It explains many plot points that were never known about throughout the series, mainly from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3, and the episode Forever Red from Power Rangers: Wild Force, referencing to Serpentera. There are also many plotholes that open and close throughout the series. The story is split into several seasons of the same name. How many seasons of this story is unclear at the moment.


Season 1 Edit

Episode 0: A Vile MistakeEdit

Episodes 1-3: The Alpha Before the OmegaEdit

Episode 4: The Weights of LifeEdit

Episode 5: The True Shade of DarknessEdit

Episode 6: The Sky is Always Darkest Before DawnEdit

Episode 7: All the World is a CircusEdit

Episode 8: Dark RevelationsEdit

Episode 9: Power Corrupts CompletelyEdit

Episode 10: GenesisEdit

Episode 11: Ranger Black: The AwakeningEdit

Episode 12: Ranger Orange: The EncounterEdit

Episode 13: Ranger Obsidian: The RebirthEdit

Episode 14: Ranger Lavendar: The TruthEdit

Episode 15: The Emerald Awakening Part 1Edit

Episode 16: The Emerald Awakening Part 2(Season Finale)Edit

Season 2Edit

Coming Soon...

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