"The Elemental Force" are Power Rangers, each Power Ranger has it's own element.


Power Rangers

  • Red-Fire-Red Lion Zord-Leo
  • Yellow-Lightning-Yellow Eagle Zord-Erica
  • Blue-Water-Blue Shark Zord-Shane
  • White-Ice-White Bear Zord-Beaverly
  • Brown-Earth-Brown Ape Zord-Alex
  • Green-Plants-Green Snake Zord-Sean
  • Gray-Metal-Gray Rhino Zord-Ron

Special Force

  • Pink-Wind-Pink Butterfly Zord-Lily
  • Gold-Light-Gold Horse Zord-Harvey
  • Orange-Energy-Orange Scorpion Zord-Steven
  • Black-Darkness-Black Bat Zord-Ben
  • Purple-Psychic-Purple Peacock Zord-Penny
  • Rainbow-Power-Rainbow Dragon Zord-Drake


  • Ravan
  • Mystica
  • Shadow-Undead-Shadow Vulture Zord-Vikram
  • Colodron
  • Evorion
  • Elor


Zordon's son,Zoric, comes from Eltar to ask his father for help when they are at war with another planet,called the Kaidrends in Sageville.The will stop at nothing untill all of Eltar is destroyed.When Zoric finds out that his father is dead,which was told by Gosei, he became depressed,thinking their is no hope for his people.After walking around he finds himself in an orphanage.Looking at all the kids with no hope inspired Zoric to search for hope.He then takes some of the kids and gave them Elemental Keys,each with a hidden element,which would turn into their morphers,making them Power Rangers. Then he wipes their memories of him,and he leaves the orphanage.After Zoric did some thinking,he decided they could stand a chance against against  the Kaidrends in the future, when they are sixteen.Realizing that they are going to need zords,he goes  to the Sageville Local Zoo to turn some of the animals into zords. After he was done, he was attacked by Colodron,king of the Kaidrens generals,Evorion and Elsana. After escaping them,he hinds and freezes himself in his spaceships capsule,waiting for ten years into the future. Evorion and Elsana destroy the ship thinking Zoric is dead.The then kidnapped one orphan and brainwashed them into thinking the other rangers are evil and they are on the good side,making him the Shadow Ranger.Ten years later, Zoric awakes to the wrekages of his ship,he easily fixes his ship and teleports the remaining rangers inside,explaining everything that happen ten years ago. Realizing that it has been ten years and he doesn't know what happen on Eltar,he is sadden but determined to win them back and to save his people.The rangers are relunctant at first,but Drake,the Rainbow Ranger,wins them over.Then they speed off to Eltar, hoping to defeat the Kaidrends, and save Eltar.

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