Plot Summary

Power Rangers Turbo the Animated Cartoon Series is the new animated cartoon version of the live action series Power Rangers Turbo (1997-1998).

Voice Portrayers

Joe Jonas as Tommy/Red Turbo Ranger (voice)

Tara Charendoff as Justin/Blue Turbo Ranger (Ben's voice from 'Ben 10')

Hillary Duff as Katherine/Pink Turbo Ranger (voice)

Raven Goodwin as Tanya/Yellow Turbo Ranger (voice)

Alyson Stoner as Stacy/Purple Turbo Ranger (voice)

Jerry Trainor as Henry/Golden Turbo Ranger (voice)

Corey Monteith as Adam/Green Turbo Ranger (voice)

Danny Cooksey as Bulk (Jack Spicer's voice from 'Xiaolin Showdown')

Justin Shenkarow as Skull (Gelman's voice from 'Recess')

Tom Hanks as Lt. Stone (voice)

Grey DeLisle as Divatox (evil voice)

Keith Silverstein as Elgar (evil voice)

Rob Paulsen as Porto (evil British accent voice)

Jim Cummings as Rygogg (evil voice)

James Earl Jones as Zordon (voice)

Richard Horvitz as Alpha 5 (voice)

Season 1 episodes

Episode 1: Super Fast Go-Kart Race

Episode 2: Wax Figure Curse

Episode 3: An Alien Monster is Born

Episode 4: Don't Ever Cry Werewolf

Season 2 episode

Episode 5: Robot Problems

Episode 6: The Return of Lerigot and Close Family

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