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Dark Future if Autobots lose the war

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smaller than Ironhide

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" | Brings out Energon Lightsaber Blades More extra backup weapons in store in vehicle mode

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More extra backup weapons in store in vehicle mode

Powerglide is an Ace of the air that has aerial abilities which rivals the Seekers.

Character Information

Powerglide is a show-off. While most of his fellow Autobots are literally grounded by their abilities, he can take to the air, and he is exceedingly proud of that fact. He uses his ability to release brief bursts of great power to more than make up for his relatively slow flying speed. Consequently, his maneuverability is incredible. Whether putting on a show for his comrades or evading enemy fire, he delights in displaying his dazzling aerial virtuosity. And, like any showman, Powerglide only demands one thing from his audience after one of his performances - their appreciation. And he'll accept it from friend and foe alike.

Powerglide was one of many Autobots that got petrified by Gigatron. He was unpetrified after Gigatrons defeat.

Powerglide was best friends with Shockwave until he later realized Darth Grievous turned Shockwave into a cape wearing monster and Powerglide had to kill his best friend in order to preserve the universe. He later help the Autobot Jets destroy the undead Dragons summoned by Shockwave.

Powerglide like most of the Autobot Planes were beaten up by Starscream when Starscream punched Powerglide on the chest.

Powerglide put up an impressive fight on Korriban where he shot down many Sith Starfighters but was deeply wounded by the Sith Magic of Darth Grievous.
Shockwaves death

Powerglide killed his Autobot turned evil friend and his friends body turns into darkness as he dies.

Powerglide survived the final battle and was hailed as a hero on Coruscant after the Transformers Wars and was seen doing an air show in the cities of Coruscant.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Powerglide tried to avenge the death of Jetstorm by shooting Screamers thrusters but despite his actions Powerglide was killed by Dirge and the coneheads. His last words were "Mayday, mayday, mayday! I'm going down!".

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