Harry Potter. Harry is ignored, as his twin brother is the boy who lived. He has powers no one else has, and falls in love with a certain red head. Harry/Ginny


James and Lily Potter were kissing, lost in a world of their own. James looked at her, and smiled.

"I love you Lily", he said. "I love you too", and with that, they both started to kiss again.

However, they broke apart as the front door smashed open. "He's here. Go and get Harry and Brian now", James yelled. Lily kissed him on the lips and rushed upstairs.

James went face to face with Voldermort. He was smirking at the horrified look on James face.

"Yes Potter. Pettigrew betrayed you", he sneered. "Crucio", Voldermort said.

James felt as if thousands of daggers were stabbing at him at the same time. He fell to the floor, and was knocked unconscious.

Lily heard the noises downstairs, and was horrified. She looked at her babys. Brian Siruis and Harry James Potter looked up.

The door blasted open, and Lily was holding Brian. She screamed when she saw Voldermort. Voldermort yet again smirked.

"Snape wanted you alive. Pity. Avada Kedarva", he hissed. The Killing curse hit Brian, but something happened.

The Killing Curse rebounded back, and hit Voldermort. Voldermort screamed in pain, and he disapeared, leaving his cloak behind.

Lily collasped, sobbing. She had lost Brian. Her Brian. She looked at the corpse, but instead he was crying. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her.

But it wasn't. There was a scar on his forehead. It was shaped like a lightening bolt, and she gasped. Brian Siruis Potter had survived the killing curse.

The Best Birthday

Harry James Potter sighed as he heard the squeals of excitment coming from the lounge. James and Lily Potter were celebrating their sons birthday. Well, one of their sons.

Harry was reading, Slytheren's Downfall. He had taken to books, as if they were his friends. He was only eight, and yet he had no friends. Thanks to his parents and Brian.

Harry yet again sighed. He was hungry. "Frankin", Harry called out. Frankin apeared, and Harry asked for a sandwhich. He disapeared and then apeared, giving Harry his turkey sandwhich.

"Thanks", Harry said. He was the only one in the Manor that was nice to Frankin and his life Poppy. They were the closest things to the word 'friends'.

Harry continued to read his book when the door knocked. "Come in", Harry said. Remus John Lupin came in. Remus was Harry's godfather.

Even though they weren't best friends, they still talked. Harry thought of him as a teacher, not a strict one though.

"Hello. Here is your birthday present", Remus gave Harry a wraped paper which looked like a book. Harry teared the paper open, and his jaw felt like it hit the ground.

How To Be A Animagus: The Dangers and Advantage's

"Thank you", Harry whispered, tears in his eyes. "It's okay Harry", Remus said. "I better get down. I will meet you next friday to learn about this", he said.

Harry nodded, as Remus left.

He read the book in a matter of two hours, and he heard crying coming from the hall. Harry put the book under the bed and opened the door.

He saw a girl with pure red hair and freckles. Her Chocolate Brown Eyes were full of tears, and she looked horrified when she saw him.

"Who are you", she whispered. "Harry", Harry told the girl. "Who are you and why are you crying", Harry asked.

"Ginny Weasley, Brian Potter and my brother Ron said that i was ugly and i wasn't as talent as Brian was", she sobbed.

"Shh. Look, come here", Harry led Ginny to his bedroom, and she sat down on his bed. "A Lot of books", Ginny remarked, and Harry laughed. She joined in.

"I'm so sorry about my twin brother", Harry said. "Twin. They never said anything about a twin", Ginny said. "No one knows me. My Parents and their friends ignore me", Harry told her.

"That's Awful", Ginny gasped. "I get used to it", Harry said.

Soon, they became friends, and Harry reread the Animagus Book with her. Ginny was interested about the subject.

"Can you ask Remus if i can practise", she asked, hopeful. Harry nodded. "Okay", he said.

Harry then showed Ginny his wand. "Remus took me over there. Said i was smart i should be using magic, and he took the trace off and everything", Harry said.

"What is the make of the wand", Ginny asked.

"11 inchies, made of Holly and has a phoneix feather. Apparently it is Voldermort's twin brother's wand", Harry said.

"That's interesting. Have you tried a spell", Ginny asked. Harry nodded.

"A Patronus Charm", Harry said. Ginny fell off her bed. "Did Remus help you", Ginny blushed as she got up.

"Yes. Said that i was realy smart, so i should start off with one of the heardest spells. I made a mist, though Remus said i was getting there", Harry explained.

"Ginny, Dear. We are going", Molly's Weasley's voice was heard. "I will see you next week Harry", and with a smile, Ginny left.

Harry smiled, and fell to his bed. He had the best birthday in his entire life.

Patronus and Animagus

"Are you ready Harry", Remus asked Harry. Ginny was watching the scene unfold in awe. She was going to find out what Harry's Patonus was.

"Ready", Harry said. "Right", and they watched as Harry yelled, "Expecto Patronum.

Everyone was surprised as a big Cobra bursted out of the wand, and it fell to the floor, and jumped towards the wall, as if there was prey. It disapeared the moment it hit the wall.

"Wow", Ginny whispered. "I'm going to be in Slytheren", Harry said. "Then James and Lily will hate me even more", Harry said. He was used to be calling his mother and father by their first names, as they weren't like his parents.

"Don't worry Harry. If you get put in Slytheren, i will be put in Slytheren", Ginny said. "Right, i've got the potions ready", Remus said.

Harry took a drink of the potion, and fell asleap. Ginny did the same, and she too fell asleap.

Harry was flying, he was flying up in the sky. He looked down, and immediatly dived down. When nearing the sea, he flew back up. He never felt so alive.

He saw his reflection from a window. He was a eagle, and he was proud.

However, his view changed, and he relised he was on the jungle floor. He wondered why he was here, and he saw his reflection from the sea.

He saw his snake version, although this wasn't a cobra. Oh no, this was a snake, although he didn't know what type.

Harry awoke, and saw Remus looking at him. "Well", he asked.

"I saw two", Harry said. "What. You can't have two. It's impossible", he said.

"Well, i saw two. One was a eagle, the other was a snake", he explained.

"Well, maybe you can pick one, or pick both of them", he said.

"I will pick the two", Harry smiled as Ginny awoke.

"What did you see", Harry asked.

"A Owl", she beamed. "What was yours", she asked. Harry told her.

"I'm jealous", she said in mock jealously.

"Anyway, you's two better be back".

Diagen Alley

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