Precipice is a 2012 film, that came out on January 6, 2012. It is based on the DSi Ware game Art Style: precipice. The movie tells the story about a girl who visits her grandparents house, and after playing the game, finds out that the city her grandparents live in has been transformed into the world of Precipice.


Charlotte Brooke is a 10 year old girl who loves any kind of adventure. One weekend, she goes to her rich grandparents' house. There, she discovers "Precipice", the system that keeps the city her grandparents live in alive. She plays one round of the 10 floors style of play, earning her a purple outfit, making her the first child to earn the Purple level, which means the color that you got up to when you obtained your last high score on 10 floors. She even completes her grandparent's task of building a building with 20 floors or higher. Her grandmother tells a story about the legend of Precipice. It appears that the game was named after a fairy named Precipice, or Preppy for short. She lived for 1,000 years, but she helped the city her parents live in now get a new look and got rid of problems in the town. The legend also states that if someone hacks the Precipice system, Preppy will be angred and send out a punishment, usually a thunderstorm. But rarely, people get trapped inside in the game, and it is super rare that the city will turn into the world of Precipice, which may cause the end of that city, and all the people inside it, except the ones who are trapped, will dissapear. Charlotte then goes to sleep, and the next day when she wakes up that she is no longer at her grandparents' house, but inside the world of Precipice. She learns that Tony Herns, a smart but evil man hacked into the game in order to win all of the color badges without playing a single round. Charlotte needs to find the COMPLETE POWER DOWN button to free the people trapped and to save the city, and along the way, she encounters danger, and gathers the girls trapped in the game, who have their own stories to tell. 5 seconds before the city is destroyed, Charlotte hits the COMPLETE POWER DOWN button, so at the end of the countdown, the city is saved. Charlotte is honored as a hero, and the city places the Charlotte Brooke City Park, which has an amusment park, diner, and a community people can live in called the Charlotte Brooke Estates. On Sunday, she goes back home, and tells her mom and dad about the story.

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