Predator Paninu is an 2011 film.It features the friends cast in another planet,And an terrifying legend comes to life.


In New York,We see a massive riot going on,And Ross and Rachel are running away.They hide in an alleyway,But then trip up over an clock.They suddenly get knocked out and then wake up in an forest.

They search the forest and find Monica and Phoebe.They tell them that they were abducted.They then see Chandler and Joey fall down and they wake up.They search the place to find an way out.

They enter an cave and find small drawings of Predator.Rachel accidently opens an passage,And an invisible Pretador sneaks up on them.It cuts Chandlers throat and they all run away.Ross and Joey hold off Monica who is trying to save Chandler.

They all head into the middle of the jungle and they look at the sky.They see two suns,Meaning that there are in another planet.Then,Two pretadors start shooting at them,And one shoots Ross in the leg.Monica falls down and try to drag him along with her,But an predator shoots her in the face.Ross manages to jump down into the sea.

The other three run away and then Rachel breaks down crying,That her best friend is dead,And her boyfriend might be dead.Meanwhile,Ross accidently runs into an predator,Who is in invisiblie.The Pretador kills him and it throws his body into the group.

The Predators run and chase them,But Rachel is left behind when she refuses to let go of Ross.The Pretadors kill her and tie her body up on an tree.Meanwhile,Phoebe and Joey find two paths,And they decide they they should separate.

Joey finds out his path is an dead end.An Pretador then holds onto him and it trys to kill him.He manages to shake it off and he hides in the mud.Meanwhile,Phoebe finds the spaceship,And decides to go in it.

She finds the remains of an pretador,And it turns out it was an good one,Trying to stop the predators abducting humans.It shows her an way to fly the ship,And when she does,She is told to destroy the planet.

Phoebe phones Joey,Which alerts the Predator.Joey runs but falls down and an pretador kills him.Phoebe blows up the planet,And crys.However,The Predator tricked her and that all the other pretadors are invading planet earth.Phoebe enters her house,And shoots herself.

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